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If I won the lottery I would?

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There are very few people who have not dreamed of winning the lottery. Then wondered what they would do with the money.and a changed lifestyle.

I certainly have. My dreams are not flash cars,shopping trips and luxury holiday’s though. Mind I confess my ideal lottery win would be more than a million too! In fact to completely fulfil my lottery dreams, I would love a win of at least 10 times that amount.

Hold on there, and don’t think I am being greedy. Okay well maybe a little bit but one of my actual dreams, lottery win or not is to set up a therapy centre for children with a difference. This means I need to up my chances of winning big so playing online at Lottoland gives me this chance to win the Euro Millions, Irish Lottery, US PowerBall to name but a few of the Lotteries you can access all over the world! All from home and no queues of lottery hopeful’s!

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Anyhow, back to my dream…..

So obviously I am not a complete saint and my win would also go on escaping terrace life. Love my house as I do, a bigger house with a much bigger garden (maybe even land) and no noisy neighbours would be my first purchase. It goes without saying I would make sure Bex and Oscar had no need to worry for their future and were able to follow their dreams without the stress most of us have to face! Charity of course, I could not win big without sharing to good causes. Top on my list would be Cancer Research. Probably followed by mental health charities.

Which brings me onto a big chunk of my win. I know it is like I have won already! After years of Bex and Oscar being in therapy. Some private but most of NHS I realise that there is a huge gap in help out there. There is also a big divide between alternative therapies and more traditional. So I would love to have a centre that the two met together. But that is not all. On my journey with my two and also my own, I realised that environment is key and it is sadly missing.


Child and Adolescent mental health services, do try and brighten their environment with bright cushions and some semi comfortable and garish chairs and sofa’s. But for me these services do not have to always been given in soulless or soulful rooms.

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In my lottery win dream, there are cabins instead of rooms. Sound proofed of course. There is an orchard, vegetable garden, play area, small wood, garden’s. There are animals to feed and cuddle. There will be dog’s, especially trained of course. Dog’s and lots of animals are so good for mental health and bringing people out of themselves, dropping their guard and being able to open up. Horses of course, as these are amazing creatures and have some weird, maybe even spiritual part of them that can be so in tune with people’s feeling’s.


There will be a cafe, serving wholesome and comforting food and drinks. Therapy can leave you drained and hungry. This will also be a place for parents to wait if they would like. But there will also be a comfortable room for parents for when their child is in therapy. A place where they can talk to other parents. As I have won big in this dream, there will also be professionals to support parents in what can be a .very lonely and scary journey. This room will not have walls of leaflets and posters. All information will be available but the correct information will be given to you. Not a search for the right leaflet as everyone else looks on.


This will be a healing place. A place where therapy is positive, supportive and something to look forward to.  A place that also supports the whole family. A place where holistic meets conventional. A place that actually makes a difference.

I actually feel quite emotional typing this. As this is actually a real dream of mine. Of course if I won that US PowerBall jackpot, I could roll this out all over the country!

Though before you think you are being blinded by my ‘oh so bright’ halo. I will be living in that nice detached house next door! Can I add a nice big RV camper van too!!!

Right, I better get my lottery tickets then……


2 comments on “If I won the lottery I would?

  1. Susan Mann
    September 22, 2017 at 11:08 am

    Those sound like very good dreams if you won the lottery. Fingers crossed lovely.
    I would do similar and I would like some space and time to write, get that book finally published xx

    • Ali
      September 22, 2017 at 11:20 am

      I think they are really good dreams! Ahhh I knew you were similar to me, despite never meeting. Book plans sounds wonderful, I hope that is something that comes true for you. xx

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