I want to be a tree…

tree climbing
Oscar getting to know how to be a tree!!!

Tonight Oscar is being a tree, yes it’s the end of primary production tonight and Oz is a tree.  Of course with his name he should have been the Wizard but my Oz being Oz wanted to be a tree. So indeed a tree tonight he will be, though not an ordinary tree it’s an apple tree with the bonus that it throws apples. Which boys being boys think this will be much fun and no doubt attracted them to the part with yet another bonus of not having to learn any lines either.

It is funny how my two are different, Bex loves to be on the stage where as Oscar like me would well rather not be up there or be a tree!!! So tonight we will have seats to watch proudly Oscar being a tree in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ though I am looking forward to it I am also dreading it a little too. No not because I don’t like school plays (honest) but it is the last play at primary and as I can’t see Oscar joining the drama group at comprehensive school it will be the last play we have to sit on those uncomfortable seats (see looking for the silver lining!).

Tonight I will pop some tissues in my bag, I am a sad sap (sorry not a tree joke honest) I know but well it will give me practise for their leaving assembly in a few weeks, when a box of tissues may be more appropriate. Oscar has been very lucky, unlike Bex he has had a really happy time at his school so I know he will be sad to leave too.

Right,  well I am practising for tonight in need of tissues, oh I really am rubbish aren’t I?


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