I missed my birthday

No not my real one obviously as if I would do something that silly!!! On Saturday here this little place I call my blog was one. Can you believe it, it only felt like yesterday……. 🙂

So one year on and have things changed. Well I still have appalling grammar that even my fab little WordPress plug-in thingy doesn’t always pick up on! I write things, then twitter them out with phrases I wished I put in the actual post. I am still a wee bit linky phobic, I still hate blogger for commenting, I stress about not making enough comments on other people’s blogs. Like today I commented on Rosie Scribble except when I pressed to publish it Rosie’s new captcha sent my comment somewhere else. I knew I wanted to blog today so after trying to see what happened and trying am retrieve my comment I had to say stop and sob the comment wasn’t made.

I re-read my first blog post this morning, I actually thought yes. In one whole year things may have changed, I learnt lot’s, made new friends and found fab new blogs to read. I have perhaps changed it slightly to more foodie than when I started out, but one thing I am so glad of is the voice remains the same.

I am still me when I am being paid to do a post, doing a review or just your average blog post. I know I can improve on my writing  and I think sometimes I need to plan blog post’s instead of doing what I am doing now. Tip tapping away with the noise of the washing machine slightly distracting me, the dogs looking at me for a walk and our large printer beeping in the background as it prepares to print a canvas.

But hey, it is only a year on and it is still very much a learning curve. So this will be my 184th post I am still counting myself as a newish blogger. I still have so much to learn. People I met virtually I loved to meet in the flesh,  people I have already met I would loved to meet again, less quiet this time. That is to Melksham Mum x So many more new people to meet and so many more blogs to visit.

So one year on, I am really glad I took that step into the blogging world It is a nice world and I liked to thank all that come here, because without you it just wouldn’t be the same.

Cuppa and cake anyone?



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