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How long does it take a home to become the way you like it. Well I think the answer is as long as you live in it! At the end of this month we have been in our new house 7 months. I know amazing, time flies and all that stuff. This time last year we had not even put the house on the market for the second time!

Kit helping with a bit of blogging!
Kit helping with a bit of blogging!

I am still avoiding the rest of the decorating at the moment. Excuse one, Kit a puppy who likes to hang with you, get into everything he shouldn’t. I am seeing painting disasters if he is helping out! Excuse two, it is nice to have the windows and doors open when painting, dry’s so much quicker so gets the job done more quickly too! Excuse three, I am not in the mood for it!

But the rooms that are done still need a bit of ‘homeness’ added! I keep looking at house plants and writing mental lists of plants for different rooms. The downside of this is I am pretty crap with house plants. Though I still look, despite the house always feels full of living things, dogs, humans, frogs yes I did say frogs, I think living breathing plants add something that say  so much more than a glass vase filled with potpourri!

I bought a bargain blanket at a show I went to the other day, these are the things we need to add the ‘homeness’ things than go with other bits to gel it together. Despite telling you yesterday about my old notebooks, most of my house list is in my head. This is a silly place to keep it, one I am likely to forget some essential idea I may have had! Two, carrying too much in my head means my head feels heavy and I function on a rather weighted down speed! So while I type here I shall jot down the things we need, see a blog is good for sorting out your head you know!

We viewed our house and made an offer the same day, it was a gorgeous very hot and sunny day. We viewed it at 2pm the time the sun fills the kitchen and the room which I just can not seem to name. But when the sun goes so does the light, dam these estate agents are clever. Despite reading everything I could about selling our house, I failed to read top tips on buying one, Which has some good ones. Including of course seeing the house at different times of day! But as we did not, through the winter  lights are pretty much a must all day in the kitchen.

Our kitchen has a sectioned bit where we eat, so I am now on the look out for a light mainly to use when we are eating. I am not a main light kind a girl! I hijacked one of the floor lamps which we bought for the sitting room, but it is a floor lamp and space is at a premium.

Our bedroom light, that resides on the far side!
Our bedroom light, that resides on the far side!

If money were no objects *eyes glaze over then some of the lamps here are rather gorgeous and well perfect really. But with a list that goes on and on, means that money is object! We need several more lights in our lives, our bedroom light if nothing else needs moving. I am mean who I ask you puts a light fitting practically by the wall next to the windows. It is a fair size room and we have one light on one side, very strange that one!  We also have a mini landing under an arch with no light at all, with that being by Bex’s door which her being a teenager the door is usually shut to hide the mess within it is quite dark on occasions!

So my list is going to be houseplants, lights and lamps, a bit more stuff for nifty storage including shoes thing for the wardrobe, we already have the Bissa shoe cabinet which is I love but need something for the extra’s to hide way in the wardrobe. They seem to just get left in the hall or under the sofa! Oh and something for the recycling that will fit in the kitchen, saving me having a bag that fills far too quickly hanging off a beer opener, included in the house sale!

That will do for starters and then once that is ticked off, yep you got it more will be added!

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