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Finally it seems to be time to kick of those boots. Time to release our feet from socks and for some of us panic a little that we did not care for our feet as well as we should have over the winter!

Luckily these happy rose bloom Shake shoes from Hotter, are letting me step from boots and socks to cooler shoes without the initial panic of getting ones heels up to scratch!

When these beauties were kindly sent to me, I sneaked a day out with them as soon as I could. You know the first bit of proper sunshine, to be fair most people still remained booted up. But a few hours out in the beautiful small town of Corsham and my feet were more than happy to be released out of the confines of their usual boots or wellies.



The winter seemed to return, all too quickly and despite bright day’s my feet still asked at least for socks on. This week, the warmth as usual in the U.K has hit us suddenly. I am hoping it is going to stay, so straight out were my pretty floral shoes to join the pretty blossom and flowers that are also celebrating a bit of warmth in the climate. As the leaves unfurl on our beech tree slowly, I feel my feet doing the same. My chosen boots for the winter have been ones that you get in and need to rub your feet to revive them. Chosen for style but also for budget probably was a mistake, my feet have suffered for.

It is only when you get your feet back into a comfy shoe, you realise the error of your way’s. You would think I was older enough to be a little wiser, but alas it seems not.

Hoter-floral-shake-shoesIt has been of greatest pleasure to slip on these floral Shake shoes. Firstly, I call them Sasha shoes as they remind me of Sasha doll shoes which I love. You can’t help but feeling girly in these shoes, despite spending half the year in green wellies whilst walking the dogs I nearly always wear a dress or a pretty scarf to brighten things up.

So these pretty shoes are perfect. They happily go with leggings and dresses. Look great worn with cropped denim jeans and my new favourite teamed up with a denim dress. I am also thinking they would match perfectly with a khaki shirt dress, to pick out the khaki colour within the shoe. I not a fan of being in front of the camera (boo) and I really must get the video out because for some reason I don’t mind that so much. But hopefully you get the idea.

I have so far kept them nice and clean but they are too pretty and precious because of their comfort to get a muddy dog paw on them. The floral Shake shoe has canvas as well as leather to them, so not quite so wipe clean friendly as the just leather Shake shoes.

I love the shoes are lightweight, the strap is easy to fit and stays in place. They are super comfy to wear and when you come back from where ever you have been you don’t want to take them off immediately like I have been doing with my winter boots.

Hotter shoes has magic ingredients to make them super comfortable and I promise you will not be disappointed. You can read about it here but you can take my word that comfortable and happy feet you will have with a Hotter shoe.

I love that Hotter has some great designs that will keep your feet saying thank you to you but also look stylish too. Someone I follow on Instagram, I spotted her beach photo with some Shake shoes. She had been loving happy feet for years in these shoes so though I have not worn these many times yet due to the lateness of a warmth in the air I am pretty sure they will last the test of time.

I can’t help feel happy when putting on these shoes. The floral pattern is happy and my feet are happy when they slip and once home and after a little while (they are that that comfy) they are happy feet and not in need of a foot rub when they come out of the shoe.

Molly shoes by Hotter - Image credit Hotter
Molly shoes by Hotter – Image credit Hotter

I call that a shoe result. There are some fabulous shoes for this summer at Hotter. I love the Molly sandals with their pretty pom pom flower at the front. For walks with the dogs and doing a bit of extra walking to keep fit I love the extra lightweight H92 Hover shoes. They look perfect to encourage you to keep active without the full on trainer look. I like the happy pebble grey and mulberry colour.

Hoover shoes - image credit Hotter
Hoover shoes – image credit Hotter

I am so glad that the shake shoes have lived up to how I dreamed of their comfort. Now to look forward to more sunny days and happy feet.

You will find Hotter on many high streets but they also have a great website for you to order from so pop over to Hotter and have a look what you think would make your feet happy



2 comments on “Hotter shoe review – Kick off those boots time

  1. Psychic Nest
    May 6, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Hi Ali,

    Those floral shoes look fantastic! Perfect for Spring and you can wear them pretty much all day. Thank you for the great review!


    • Ali
      May 9, 2016 at 1:00 pm

      They are very pretty shoes and comfortable enough indeed to wear all day, Zaria 🙂

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