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As I mentioned yesterday the year is going too quickly. It is definitely the time of year we do begin to spend more time inside for sure. I loved this summer being able to spend so much time outside, I think summer 2016 was pretty kind to us!

Rattan Direct are wanting your views on a few things to do with your home. Based around how you unwind at home, plans for Christmas (what did I say yesterday, October and Christmas collide!) and has Brexit affected any plans you have for the home and garden? I am a real home person and I want our home to feel a place you can relax in. To me home is sanctuary even when it is less than perfect, tidy wise as well!

You can find the survey here if you would like to complete it. I quite like doing survey’s as sometimes they also make you stop and think.


We have a few plans for our home and garden in the next year or so. The garden is mostly done but like lots of Victorian houses we have space that goes around the side of the house. This is up for the next re-do! At the moment it is slippery decking which makes getting wood from the log store a completely new game in the winter when it is wet or frozen! On a wet day like today with leaves adding to it, it makes for a slippery game! The side area also needs re-organising and maybe a bike store will also be purchased.I think most of this will be done next spring though. Which means a pressure wash of the decking to help prevent non fun skating accidents!

House plans we still have not done the bathroom. Maybe the Spring will see this done. In the meantime it does need redecorating again as it suffers from being so small and four people showering in it one after another. A place mildew loves, sadly. Plus I still have yet to find anything to shift the limescale in the loo before we bought the house. So that new toilet is high on my list too! Not just to have a limescale free loo, I might add. It has those little decorative features on it that trap bathroom fluff making it harder to clean easily.


With the cold weather, in comes the drafts. Our house is double glazed accept the front and double garden doors. Both I would love done but as I want to do them in keeping with our Victorian house, neither will be able to be purchased at bargain prices. I love the small panes in the back door but the wood is beginning to rot in the frames, despite it all being repainted. So another reason to replace them, before we actually are forced to!

Today I will be ringing a plumber for a quote to put two radiators in. This is something we have been waiting for a while and not sure another winter in a freezing kitchen is something I want to endure!

Despite Cam putting a loft hatch into the roof last summer, we are thinking of re-doing this too as it is not big enough to have a drop down ladder. Equaling no-one wants to go up there. Which also equals our bedroom is a dumping ground for ‘When we go up in the roof’ things!

It goes without saying too, that our bedroom is still in the same decorative order that is was when we moved in. I am not sure when this will get crossed off the list. Probably when it is no longer a dumping ground for life’s excesses. You would not believe I have read Maria Kondo book. Well I have read it but maybe not acted on it!

Do you have house plans? Has the fact that life is going to get more expensive put a halt to your house plans? Or are you more likely to improve your house instead of moving? I know for me, keeping out the drafts will save money and be an investment for our home, like wise the radiators. There must be something on the planet to get rid of the limescale in the loo, so this goes further down on the list!  Like anything the house to do list budget wise has to be put in priority order. First up radiators!



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