Holidaying with your dogs

Though some may long for exotic holiday’s, warm temperatures, clear blue sea’s (okay that does sound tempting) I love nothing more than a holiday cottage in the U.K.

There is something so fab about having a base in the countryside or near the sea that feels like an utter break! I may have to still meal plan, cook and keep the place tidy but a holiday cottage to me makes for a great relaxing break.

Having three dogs can make for a more limited choice. One or two dogs quite often are the maximum and one’s offering more than three dogs are usually well off the beaten track! Original Cottages have some great holiday cottages accommodating one, two, three and sometimes more dogs. As well as having cottages that don’t allow dogs if you are not a dog lover!

Despite the challenge of finding somewhere that accommodate my trio. I love a holiday that includes them. All dog owners will get, that heart-wrenching moment when you go off on your holiday, leaving your four-legged companion behind!

When looking where to stay, I always check out local walks. If near the coast are the beaches dog-friendly. The Great British Beach Guide is perfect to look at. If out in the countryside, will there be walks where my dogs can be off lead? Or is it mainly livestock in the fields. I love wales but there are a lot of sheep to consider.

Equally moorland walks can equal sheep and ponies. Dog’s on leads (unless your dog is used to that) is not much of a holiday.

I think my favourite destination is Dorset. Not too far to travel. Plenty of dog-friendly beaches, not too many sheep. With plenty of wooded and countryside walks.

Rock Beach


Cornwall after living there for 11 years no longer would feel like a holiday. But despite some beaches are no dogs at certain times of the year, there are plenty that welcomes dogs all year around. So makes for a great dog-friendly county to visit.

Despite the sheep, I do love Wales. Having not been there for a good while. I would love to revisit the Lake District and Scotland. But I think with three dogs in a car that may be pushing it! Visiting the never been visited Norfolk is also on my list!

As most holiday cottages don’t allow you to leave your dog or dog’s alone in the cottage. It is important to check out places you can eat out that allow dogs. If you have children again, places that are dog and children friendly need to be found. We went to a lovely place in Wales that despite having fields surrounding us filled with sheep. There were lots of places that were dog-friendly around. So we all had a lovely holiday. Keeping children (they were younger back then!), dog’s and parents happy.

For me, the cottage itself needs a kitchen that has a door. Even the best towel drying on a really wet day, will not get my hairy monsters completely dry! Lottie loves the sea and water in general.  So for me, an easily washable area like a kitchen to keep them in, equals a relaxed me.

So many holiday places go for cream carpets. They do look fresh and nice but get a muddy paw on there and well my stress levels would rocket. So, yes a kitchen with a door and enough space for the dogs to rest is a must for me.

Generally holidaying with your dogs equals lots of walking and fresh air. One of the reasons I love holidays with them! This means the dogs tend to be more tired and settle easily. Which is why I do wish a few more holiday cottages let you leave your dogs alone so you could just enjoy a meal out without taking your four-legged buddy with you. Three dog’s in a pub for me is a no! I am sure we would only take well-behaved dogs on holiday with us and let’s be honest not so good dogs could get up to their antics at night!

That said, it is always good to check the small print as most say no to leaving your dogs alone! This leaves us currently finding it hard to holiday. As Lottie being older could not be out all day and would very much limit what we could do. She has always loved her holiday’s so I really would hate to take the other two and not her!

If staying in farm cottages, some do offer kennels. Which dependant on your dog may work for you.

I think what I also love about holiday cottages, is they have less stuff in them! So it is nice to be reminded less is often more and certainly far easier to manage on the keeping tidy front.

Now, I am left dreaming of a week away. Filled with fresh air, pots of tea (all good holiday cottages should have a teapot!) and slow lived but memorable filled day’s with my four-legged friends….oh and the humans too!

This post has been part of a collaboration with Original Cottages


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