childhood holidays

Childhood Holiday Memories

Over at A Residence, Penny has done a lovely ‘Memory Book’ link up and this week it’s childhood holiday’s. I didn’t have to trawl too much into my memory as I can always seem to remember the good times 🙂

Every Summer at the end of August we would head off to either Wales or Scotland for 10 day’s of camping fun. Forget thoughts of camping today with showers, restaurants and swimming pools, no our camping was far better as we would camp on a farm and set up a proper camp.

When we were younger my Grandparents came too but this was to Wales, Talyllyn to be exact. We would camp either by the lakeside or next to the stream. We had a kitchen tent, a toilet tent (smelly but beats walking and queuing for the loo’s like you do these day’s) and different tents to sleep in. One for the girls of the family, one for the boy’s and another for my Grandparents when they came too. So it was really a lovely little camp set up.
childhood holidays memoriesLiving in a house with a pretty but very small garden it was blissful to have so much freedom. Cooking on the campfire was a treat, though a lot of done on the cooking stove. Bacon sandwiches in the morning, served with field mushrooms freshly picked that morning. Early mornings wearing shorts and wellies, we crossed the stream and with one of the grown ups with a penknife in hand we collected fresh mushrooms. As I type this I can smell the freshness of the mushrooms, strangely I can also remember there was lot’s of blackthorn tree’s which I can remember my Mum saying to watch out for because of the thorns. Memories of dewy grass and crossing back over the stream with mushrooms in hand or bowl!!!

holiday memories

Day’s of simply walking in the stream with fishing nets behind us, I don’t think we caught anything but….Playing in the lake and trips into Dolgellau where I vividly remember spending my holiday money on a really gorgeous red squirrel toy only to later on drop it down the portaloo. Smelly? Yes. Tears? Yes!!! We did wash it but it wasn’t quite the same as you can imagine, and rather than being the loved toy I thought it would be it no doubt got rather pushed to the back!!!
childhood holidaysI am sure there were day’s it rained but to be honest my brain is not willing to remember them, evenings by the campfire, collecting sticks and bracken for the fire was an adventure. As was showering under a waterfall. I can remember the son of the person who owned the farm at Talyllyn David, I am sure either I or my sister had a crush on him and when we returned as we got older I can remember finding it very funny and giggling each time we saw him!!!

So there you go, just a snippet of my holidays memories, I hope you enjoyed them 🙂


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