Hello February

To me, January went by with the speed of light! Which is, of course, is mixed blessings. It brings us closer to Spring but means that the year is already running away with itself. I am sure it was only last week I was fighting with the blunt secateurs cutting the Christmas tree into manageable pieces!

Gladly February brought the sunshine with it. After a restless night with that super blue moon, I was really glad to have a bit of sunshine power today.

The birds seemed very cheerful too, with a blackbird starting off the day sat on our shed roof cheerfully singing looking at me in the kitchen. Not a bad start to the day seeing as I was feeling sorry for myself being tired and sure the moon was bringing that time of the month around sooner than it was due to arrive!

Despite being energised by the sunshine, the premenstrual tiredness is kicking in big time! Though I will be turning 47 in the Summer (I know!) my cycle unless the moon chooses to disrupt it is still pretty regular. The most part of me is happy with this as it wards off any menopausal symptoms so, to be honest, I will take the tiredness gladly!

That thought out the way, February is in real need of some action at our allotment. I have been neglecting it. But with so much rain and clay soil, the jobs that need doing are impossible to do. Digging in clay is hard work and apparently not good for the soil. We are hoping for a few dry days and then we can get our allotment action on and get ready!

I am still wishing we had a greenhouse so some seed planting could already be underway but as we don’t I shall plan around that. I have got stupidly excited when I pop into Wilko and see the seed potatoes and onions sets. I think again this year it will not be 100% as we want it. But it really is a massive learning curb and I think the one thing I can take away from last year is planning ahead is kind of important! For example, if you want Brussel sprouts for Christmas day start thinking about that in May or June at the latest in fact maybe even earlier. Must check! We do still have a few runner beans in the freezer from last summer but I can not wait to be tasting some homegrown produce again this year.

Really, really must get organised and another note to myself is this Autumn prepare the ground so I am not playing catch up this time next year. Rather like leaving the tax return till mid-January, I may not learn by this mistake for a few years yet!

Spring is most definitely on it ways. The bulbs have been pushing up for a while, but this daffodil I think will be in flower in the next few days. The evenings are getting lighter, which is always great. I am really looking forward to lighter mornings as I really do not want to get up when it is dark and feels colder out of my bed than in it!

I do love a early morning and you can get so much clear before the day really starts. But the dark mornings usually see me having my tea with Kit on my lap to keep me warm and relaxed. Then the rest of the day I feel like I am catching up. Yes, indeed more daylight will be good all around.

Mind going to bed before 9.30 just never feels as cosy once it is lighter. So, while we still have less light I am going to savour those darker early nights, where the electric blanket welcomes me and snuggling down with a good book is just pure bliss!

Here is hoping February is a wonderful month for us all. Just 4 weeks long with maybe a bit of romance in the middle *waves to the husband!

Happy February everyone x




3 comments on “Hello February

  1. Susan Mann
    February 1, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    We still have snow, no sign of spring here. I am actually a bit fed up with winter now. This is lovely and give me hope x

    • Ali
      February 1, 2018 at 4:25 pm

      I am glad that is a welcome post! The sun is still shining here as I type and I hope Scotland catches up soon with it! I do have snow envy though, perhaps we should swap for a while! xxx

  2. Ali
    May 16, 2018 at 11:38 am

    Hello testing

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