Guest Post – Quality Time in the Garden

I am away  for a few day’s so it was rather .lovely to have this guest post written for me. Even more so as when I get back I am hoping to spend a good bit of time in the garden catching up but also having fun with Bex and Oscar too. Oscar loves to help with the big stuff as well as taking an interest in the planting especially from seeds. Bex loves to help plant flowers in pots, being a typical female and liking instant colour!!!

Quality Time In The Garden

Now that the clocks have changed and the weather has turned for the better, spring is officially here and here to stay; and with spring comes the urge to go outside and get busy. This often presents a bit of a dilemma especially for families. What can we do outside together?

On the one hand you want to have fun, on the other hand there are chores that need doing, so why not combine the two and spend some quality time in the garden. There may well be some grumbles at first, but once you all get stuck in they will soon fade away. In order for this outing to be successful and fun, make sure that you assign the right chores to the right people.

First off the tools will need inspecting. Unlock those garden sheds, shoo away the bats (kidding) and take a look at the tools you’ll need. Some of them may be suffering from rust. This can be easily removed using aluminium foil that has been dipped in water to rub off the rust. This is an easy chore, and can be done by one of the children who like inspecting Dad’s tools. Be sure to point out which tools are okay to use and which are off limits.

The first point of business in the garden is the lawn. Leaves and thatch will need removing as well as moss. This can be removed by raking it away. Someone with a lot of energy will be required for this task. To prevent more moss building, it’s a good idea to find the moss hot spots and to get rid of them. Moss likes damp and shaded areas. To get rid of these areas cut back some overhanging tree branches and bushes. This is a good job for father and son (well, an older son for sure) to do together. Once Dad has shown how it’s done, junior can cut some of the smaller branches away himself.

While the lawn is being tended to, the flower bed will need some work, too. This is a good task for getting your hands dirty. Leaves, thatch and weeds need to be removed, and space made for some lovely spring plants. You can head off to your local garden centre and all choose some in bloom spring plants you’d like to see in the garden. Some great options are Marigolds, Pansies, Daisies and Busy Lizzies. Coordinating where to put these flowers and which colors should go together is a great job for your creative child. Once you have a plan of putting same color plants together or mixing them all up, you can work together to plant them. Take turns in digging the hole and planting.

When all teams have finished their chores, it’s high time for a rest. Get the garden chairs out, and enjoy a cuppa. Afterwards a game of football in the garden is a great idea.

Thanks Sarah for writing this post 🙂

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