Goodbye 2013

When I said goodbye to 2012 I guess in my heart I knew that 2013 was not going to be the best. I can not bring myself to look at what I wrote. I think I can safely say that it is a year I would not want to be repeated. A year of a very sad loss, one that I am still not accepting of. A year that brought more tears than laughter, more worry than joy and a year I feel I need to gain something from, something good to carry through to 2014.

Take something positive out of something negative, a theory in my past even through very tough times I was able to do.

The lovely Grace Marshall email this morning said to think of just one word to take with you to 2014. This year I didn’t want to set goals, hopes or dreams and just one word will be perfect.

So my word to take forward is ‘strength’. This year I feel my emotional strength has been tested to the limit. My strength as a Mum and wife had no choice but to be improved. My strength to create some sort of balance when there seemed no chance of any. The strength to be there for the ones I love where the year before I had failed with someone else I loved. The strength not to let our world fall apart at times when it felt it was nothing but crumbling.

The strength to smile when I just felt like crying but most of all watching the strength of my gorgeous daughter who has no idea of the strength she has, to carry her through the toughest times of her life. Strength that she will need again in 2014, a New Year is really just another day but another day is always a day to move forward.

It would not be fair to not say Oscar my totally gorgeous son, who has grown up so much in this last year. His laid back and get on with it personality has helped no end in getting through this last year. He raised a smile for me when I most needed it and certainly gave me strength when I most needed it too.

2013 saw a move for us. A positive move with a downsize which has worked really well. You may have seen my journey of de-cluttering in Project downsize.

The end of the year saw me saying goodbye to another member of our family. My lovely Great Aunt at a grand age of 95. Whilst her granddaughter was speaking in the church so beautifully every person who sat in there, knew exactly the women she spoke of. With that in mind I would like also to take another word into 2014 ‘Authentic’. Whilst Rachel spoke of her Grandma we all knew that person. Either as a friend, Aunt, Niece, Mum, neighbour or Grandmother but that person was the same to all of us. We all knew the Freda she spoke of because my Great Aunty Freda was authentic and genuine something that I strive for too

So now I will say goodbye to 2013, the people that we have lost will never be forgotten. The things we have been through and the things you have been through Bex will give you and  us strength to move forward in 2014 and no matter what we do we will do that is true to us, to me and be authentic.

Thank you for all that have joined me here in 2013 may we move forward to 2014 with strength.

Happy New Year one and all x



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