Good vibe colours

I am a colour person. I love spotting amazing colours in nature, food (naturally) and just anywhere really. Colours to me just make my brain happy.

Autumn is, of course, an explosion of colours to be enjoyed. I love how the vibrant tree’s make me feel happy. A gorgeous sky like last night, makes my heart sing! How amazing, pink sky and a rainbow. That is a very celebrating sky if I ever did see one!

I have my favourite colours to wear. Though I don’t say no to browns, khaki and creams, I do love teals and raspberry! I quite often choose a brighter colour to cheer up the day.

Pretty colours and patterns in shops that catch my eye. If I am ever with my husband he automatically thinks if I say, “Wow, I love that!” that I want to buy it. Generally, I am just feeding my appetite for colour! You would think that after being together, over 20 years he would have known that! Mind, these 15p flowers were too much of a bargain to pass on!

Though, right now we are taking a bit of colour out of our home! The bathroom has gone back to a neutral colour. Currently, a bright green fern is the only real colour in the bathroom. The towels are crying out to be replaced. But already thoughts of Christmas and budgeting are in our minds and the towels and bath mats will just have to wait!

On my list is to de-colour our middle room! For a while, I loved the retro orange in there, that we chose. Now rather than bright it just seems dingy. Our house is a typical Victorian house with the kitchen as an extra bit. Making our middle room quite dark. So it will be back to a lighter neutral in here and pops of colour from pictures and bits and pieces!

I won’t even let my husband know, that the yellow hall, stairs and landing are beginning to feel like it needs de-saturating of colour too!

But, everywhere else colours feeds my mood. I played with a recipe for veggie balls. They were such a vibrant colour and the promise of all the goodness inside. Not quite so bright when baked, though the inside remained vibrant. Shall have more of a play around and think it is a winner to share here. Everyone loved them.

The harvest moon and the night sky. The moon was amazingly bright and the sky was weirdly dark considering we live in a street lit area. I am a big believer that the moon effects moods. I know since this full moon, I have felt far more tired. Or maybe it is also the fact we are coming into a hibernation mode even more.I am embracing  P.j’s on early, supper served sometimes a little earlier too! Slower to get up too and it taking a little more waking up time to feel ready for the day.

Slowing down, when life lets you…..



2 comments on “Good vibe colours

  1. Susan Mann
    October 12, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    I love your instagram photos. These are such beautiful photos and colours. xx

    • Ali
      October 12, 2017 at 6:05 pm

      Thank you! I love your Instagram pictures too. I just love colour and natures brights, they make me feel happy! Quite often I go running to grab my phone camera to catch a certain light! The rainbow disappeared within moments of me taking the photo and then the sky turned yellow! Thanks for stopping by xxx

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