Gone camping….

Camping in the good old days

O.k so obviously now this second I am sat at home typing this, on a reasonably comfy chair, a choice of three toilets and lovely clean shower, a kettle that boils really quickly, a dish washer and again a reasonably comfy bed to sleep on. But somehow for two nights I will give up the luxuries for a camping chair, more like a queue of three people for the loo, a shared shower well not actually shared but hey, hey you never know!!! (don’t worry Cam (OH) I was joking x), a kettle that takes nearly as long as it takes to make a whole meal and a tent!!!

But actually I am looking forward to it really 🙂 Oz and I are just going, it’s is not really Cam thing and Bex is camped out after the festival and more to the point still getting over internet withdrawal being the ‘Wi Fry’ kind!!!

So we are heading 25 minutes down the road, yep I know how to live but it looks a great campsite not commercial but a farm shop, a stream, 15 minute walk to the beach/pub and a strict whisper only after 10.30 (this may be difficult for me or not if I have already fallen a sleep, party animal!)

Cowboy casserole has now been planned for supper just in case you read ‘Meal Planning Monday’ and thought I was going to be eating out twice in a row, me skipping cooking? Well as long as I can sort the gas out, it will be fine. This as you can tell will be my first camping trip as the only adult, again you could argue that I am usually the only adult but as I am getting help putting up the tent which I remember last time was a complete g*t to do, then we won’t say that!!!

Really, to think I was brought up on nothing but camping, I know my sister will be reading this and wondering the same thing but as it is I know it will be fun and Oscar will SO enjoy it which is the main objective.

Though the amount you have to pack, and I am not talking clothes here is the worst bit but still as long as we can get the kettle working it will all be good.

Depending on the time you read this I may be trying to put up the tent, I may be waiting for the kettle to boil, I may be dipping my toes in a stream or the sea but whatever I am doing I hope to be having a nice time and even more so hoping Oz will be too! 🙂

So from first thing Wednesday till after lunch Friday, I will be internet free, hopefully dry and possibly relaxed! 🙂


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