Gift giving fails

When I think about Christmas and the whole present thing, I think I like giving more than receiving. I love choosing presents for people and fingers crossed presents that they really will love!

Last year I felt like I did a massive fail on my brother. For one of his present’s I brought him and what I thought would be massive fun was one of these.

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Now I thought being his sometimes child like nature, the fact he has got two little boys that this would be a well, a fun present!!! I didn’t factor in that he has very long legs. Being  6ft 2 makes it a little hard to bounce even on an adult space hopper!!! The other point that I knew that I had failed was the fact when he attempted bouncing and fell on his flat on his back on the wooden floor with quite a lot of swearing. Yes I did try hard not to giggle but I failed on that one as well!!!

On the upside of this present, no I don’t think there was one actually. Though perhaps the work out it gave me carrying it on the train could be seen as a plus side!!!

Another fail and it wasn’t one of my fails was a manicure set complete with beautiful nail varnishes. Another lovely present but not to someone who has no nails and had artificial nails well most of her grown up life!!! Again another “Um I must pop to the toilet” moment! Or the giggles would have come out!

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My final fail of gifts buying which actually wasn’t a fail but could have been, was last year’s necklace to my sister in New Zealand. How can that be a fail you ask yourself! When it is made of seeds and seed pods and it is illegal to allow seeds into the country, whoops!!!

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I am sure over the years I have had other gift fails but these are the latest. This year I will not buy Space Hoppers for anyone (though secretly I’d love one!) I will check what I can and can not send to New Zealand. Plus a top tip for you when buying any nail products do make sure the person your buying for has their own nails!!!

So have you got any ‘gift fails’ or had gift giving giggles?

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