Get into the groove with Weight Watchers

I love this video, the lyrics and the positive energy that the song leaves you feeling. What I really love about this video though is they are all real people just like you and me.

Weight Watchers have team up with Alesha Dixon who has come up with these great feel good lyrics with the help of the Weight Watchers members. Feeling good is half the battle to looking good. When we feel that we look good then we feel good too, so it’s a win win..

From someone who has gone from a size 16 back to a size 12 where I should be at, give or take a few pounds (!) I really know the difference it made to me and know those 180 real members are truly singing from their hearts.

Listen carefully to the lyrics as all the Weight Watchers members are in lip sync, but are expressing their own feelings and personal stories. Some of them I can totally relate to. At the end of the song you can play some short video’s from some of the members that were featured in the song.

Weight can be an issue for lots of us, whether it is losing a few pounds or perhaps a bit more, what ever it is the thought of singing about your success is something that is worth aiming for.

I keep replaying this song because I just really love it! I think I am going to have to download the song!!!

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