Game, Set and Scratch

Yes it is Wimbledon fortnight *snore* sorry, to be honest any spectator sport really doesn’t do it for me. With the exception of the odd game of rugby but that is purely for my own personal ‘eye candy’ for some of those lovely rugby players thighs!!! Yes sometimes I am shallow I confess!!!

But that is obviously severely lacking when it comes to tennis and as for the women with their grunting on the courts, well please do excuse me if I avoid the BBC for the next two weeks.

While lots are glued to the television watching these yellow balls, here our tennis courts have never been busier. Yes when Wimbledon is on, the tennis rackets get dusted off, balls get brought and the latest whites or whatever colour is current are to be replaced by the usual crowd who use the tennis courts. The local tennis coach get’s even more popular with the ladies who lunch. Yes the ones that Cherie Blair was having a dig at last week whilst talking to the other extreme group of women completely forgetting that there are some or most of us who are in between.  Of course we are all yummy and let’s be honest Cherie there isn’t enough ‘rich guy’s’ to go around anyway 🙂

While families sit on the grass waiting for the chance to have their usual knock about on the courts, people donning their headbands and wristbands are there seriously thinking that they are the next Novak Djokovic (yes I did need to Google that!).  Though I have to admit it’s great to see people out and about enjoying the courts but the very same time it is extremely amusing spectacle to see.

So me, well I am quite happy to enjoy some strawberries but the closest  I get to tennis in the next few weeks is going to be throwing the tennis balls for the dogs and even those are not yellow!!! Of course as well there will also be a whole lot of juice (deuce) and love here too!!!

For those who enjoy the tennis well enjoy it, but if you are one of the ones who play tennis just for the next few weeks please excuse me if I can’t quite stifle my giggles as I pass!!!

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