Friday night mistakes

With a title like that you are expecting drunken stories, waking up in the wrong bed kind of tales, sharing chips with Policemen recitals whilst trying to avoid the problem that I was driving a friend under the influence of alcohol around in a supermarket trolley and a description of why am I wearing knickers on my head! But my Friday night mistakes seem to have got a little more sensible than stories I would might of told in my past. With that thought I wish I did have a blog of such events reminding me more often that my Friday nights had been full slightly more fun but far more embarrassing mistakes.

But low and behold my Friday night mistakes that I repeatedly commit are nothing that exciting, they generally happen in the kitchen, occasionally in the laundry baskets, the fridge. in a notebook and sometimes at my desk. They always happen when my energy is low which more than often is a Friday night or any other night really!!! Then it happens the thought then I even say it….”Don’t worry it is Saturday tomorrow, I will do it in the morning”. The the words are out of my mouth the mistake is done, no alcohol or embarrassing tales here. The dishwasher full the contents clean but just left there, a collection of mugs, glasses and random bowls from late Friday night cereal sessions are waiting there in the kitchen. Some make it into the sink in the hope that seems better, the rest stay on the side blatantly to welcome me first thing Saturday. The school uniform still sits there to enter the washing machine, the fridge has a few leftovers that failed to made into anything, shhh!  Which adds to the washing up once they have been scraped shamefully into the bin to make room for the weekly shop. The shopping list has been left unwritten the Friday night mistakes have been made!

Friday mistakesSaturday mornings welcomes a brief lie in, a lighter step as I walk downstairs with the rest of the house sleeping. The thoughts of a cup of tea in peace and maybe push the boat out and add some toast to join it. Then it happens as I open the kitchen door it hits me wham bam in my  face, the Friday night mistakes.

I start my Saturday cleaning up our Friday all ready to hit the Supermarket once Bex is dropped off at dance to get ready for the rest of the week, well food wise at least! After walking the dogs of course.

So here as I share my Friday night mistakes the ones suitable for the family show that is 🙂 I vow next Friday I won’t make the same mistakes as I want to reclaim my Saturday morning quiet cup of tea without the call of the dishwasher, the washing up, the clearing away, the washing calling my name, the shopping list waiting to be written and the fridge waiting to be cleared of slightly beyond help contents. I have even put it in my new diary!

The only problem is my Friday night mistakes are often repeated on a Saturday, when will I learn?

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