Freedom & growing up

It’s a funny word really isn’t it? Freedom could be to do as you like or perhaps to have space. I am sure lot of us feel that we don’t have the freedom we would like to but on the times we do I love to enjoy it.

My two are growing up, they are both fab children and I know I had a good part in that (yes it’s good give yourself a pat on the back sometimes!). They have some fab views, likes and values, so when I look at them or hear them I think it’s really great that they are the way they are.


My guys are equally cool though but here they are just enjoying racing around a field, laughing and joking. Growing up is a tough old game but enjoying childhood when you get to a certain age is even harder. As you know Bex turned 13 last week and I am really hoping that she stays enjoying the simple stuff as well as the cool things too!!!

Bex turns 13 🙂

Oscar at nearly 11 is well in ‘Oscar’s world’. His totally laid back look on life makes me smile mostly and I have a feeling that doing it ‘Oscar’s way’ will be the way it is for him for a good few years yet.

Oz bug hunting wearing P.J's and my wellies and dog walking coat!!! 🙂

I like looking at my two and seeing myself in both of them, but equally seeing the differences too. The funny thing is I am not a ‘it’s like this Mum so that is the way it is’ but somehow so much of how I see things is the way they see it. Which can be equally scary too of course!!!

I wrote this quick post after taking the weekends pictures off the camera and getting Oscar’s induction day date for the Comprehensive. I remember when Bex went and everyone saying once they are there it all changes. But actually it doesn’t have too in a negative sense that people always seem to suggest. I like to think as my two grow up then I grow up with them and if you can enjoy that well quite frankly your sorted.

To be honest I probably need a bit of growing up so it’s all a good thing really!!! 🙂




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