Ecoforce range

Ecoforce and Dishmatic

Unless you are very lucky one of our jobs we have to do is clean and wash up. Yes even if you do have a dishwasher just like here at this precise moment there is always washing up to do.

Lotte asks me if I would like to try out the ‘Dishmatic’ and ‘Ecoforce’ range so very kindly she sent me these goodies to put to the test.

Ecoforce Range
Ecoforce range

Firstly ‘Ecoforce’  are made up of 90% recycled waste which is always a good thing, right? Quite often green products come with a heart sinking price tag which sends many of us scurrying by but not in these case. Their range starting price is £1.49 which actually included one of my favourite products the pegs at that price. Once I used them it was no surprised when I read the press release that they were award-winning. I am forever breaking pegs when the springy bit pops out so these pegs are perfect as they are all in one and really grippy!!!

The 100% recycled dusters were put to a hard test straight away as my husband was doing product photography for some very shiny jewellery and they passed the test wonderfully.

The quilted (yes really) multipurpose cloths were really strong, washable of course and brilliant for all manner of jobs. The sponge scourer again was a really strong and not like so many than disintegrates after a few uses.

So they all got my ‘cleaning thumbs up’ and green and great value.


Now the ‘Dishmatic’ I remember these when I was a teenager I thought they were far better than just washing up liquid in water. So it was great to try it Dishmaticout again as a grown up (sort of!). When Oscar saw it his instantly reaction was “I’ll do the washing up now!”. Don’t get too excited as the novelty did where off but it is really handy tool. With the washing up liquid filled in it, it does look rather pretty in the tube too always a bonus!!! Very sure it makes the washing up liquid go further. A bit like a sponge in the bath as a child, a tiny bit of bubble bath you could make into a mass of bubbles using a sponge. Or maybe that was just me that did that sort of thing!!! Back to the Dishmatic quickly then ;-), the one I was sent had a scourer head, so perfect for getting stubborn burnt bits off (not like I burn things often!!!) .

The other advantage is you don’t have to totally put all your hands in water, my hands really suffers with washing up and I am not a rubber glove fan so again this is a plus point. At just £1.33 as the recommended it is really good value. My only down point would be that I use a clean dish cloths everyday, in fact sometimes  several, even my scourer goes in the dishwasher every so often. So it would always be a case of rinsing the top out really well every day. You can buy replacement heads which are very easy to take off so I am guessing you could take them off and put them in the top of the dishwasher for a good clean if you wanted to.

I did have a boss who was obsessive about cleaning cloths which I think rub off on me a bit. I am always be accused of using too many tea towels and cloths here!!! But he did also give me a tip that if you put a bit of ‘Antibacterial’ washing up liquid on cloths at night even if you don’t wash them they are super squeaky, healthy clean in the morning still. So perhaps doing that or even better using that in the Dishmatic would solve that as a problem.

All in all I would recommend the Ecoforce range all brilliant and really high quality and those pegs are so much better than any I have ever had!!! We loved the Dishmatic just by newly revealed OCD got in the way for me to completely rave about it.

For more information of Ecoforce visit there website

You can find Ecoforce at most Supermarkets, Homebase, Oxfam, B&Q and Ocado online.

Dishmatic are available at most major supermarkets.

Thank you Lotte for sending me these goodies.

This review has followed my strict ‘Over a Cuppa’ policy of giving honest praise only when due.






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