Easter meringue and my blogging epiphany


So I thought I better pop back and I thought a nice Easter pavlova may tempt you too! So spotting the Galaxy Golden eggs I thought mmm a caramel pavlova would be perfect and of course delicious too. After a Cam’s birthday success of gorgeous fruity pavlova, with raspberry, mango and passion fruit. I was sure another pavlova would be a breeze. You may remember my meringue post, wow was it really over a year ago….

So I made what in mixture looked like the perfect meringue. I still have that sense of achievement when making meringue. So I baked it for the hour and then realised that I need the oven again pretty soon. Here lie’s the fatal mistake, yes I took the meringue out the oven and did not let it cool completely in the cooling oven. Learn from my mistakes and don’t think just because it looks on the outside like a perfect meringue that the inside is, at the point you turn off the oven. This could also be a little life lesson about people…though obviously don’t put people in the oven.

So, removing the what looked like a perfect base for my pavlova I left it to cool out of the oven. Only one tiny crack was on it and as Oscar said just take the photo from the other side. I covered it and left it till the next day.

So confident was I that all would be fine, I did not even check how it was the next morning. I whipped my cream with some caramel. I kept a little cream back un-whipped to make a caramel drizzle, I tested a golden egg (mmm) and then I got my meringue.

As soon as I took the cover off, I saw a few more cracks. I thought to myself, that is okay caramel cream, caramel drizzle and golden eggs we still have this covered. Then I tried to move it and I knew the game was lost. It crumbled into itself, revealing far from the perfectly cooked centre but actually a rather un-cooked one.

Binned, I took a deep breath. I had enough eggs, a light soft brown sugar for another caramel meringue, I would not get upset. I put the oven on, got the eggs out the fridge and stopped.

And then it hit me. My epiphany. I am constantly striving to make time for other things and I am constantly failing. So I turned off the oven, thought to myself actually a quicker easier Easter pudding may well be what my readers would like.

So, I grabbed my bag and popped to the shops. Where I bought some rather nice meringues nests. As I walked back I thought maybe just maybe less could be more. Not always just sometimes. Maybe here in my little space, I overthink the detail and therefore it stops me adding stuff.

Authenticity is a core value of mine. But I think maybe even I would like to be a bit more human here. We mess up, short cuts are totally fine, nothing is perfect. I actually don’t want to be perfect (how boring,right!) because most importantly I don’t want you think you have to be perfect.either. The blogging world seems to have a new colour coordinated vision. I ask you do you add a piece of lace when you are serving a piece of cake?

I bought a load of lace (cheaply) at a car boot sale, I confess I felt I needed to fit in to be instagram worthy. It just is not me. So my epiphany is totally and honestly be me. Ditching the feeling you need a bit of material at the side of the plate and serve up good (sometimes not always healthy) honest food and get on with it.


So if you want to to create this cute and scrummy Easter pudding. Grab yourself some meringues (I used Tesco finest currently on special offer). Grab yourself some double cream, leave some of it un-whipped. Whip your cream, open a tin of Carnation Caramel. Add about two tablespoons to the whipped cream and whip it up again. Add another tablespoon of caramel to the un-whipped cream and stir with a fork until you have a drizzle’able mix. Top meringues with the caramel whipped cream, add three or how ever many you like Golden eggs (or any chocolate eggs you fancy), drizzle the caramel sauce just with a spoon from a height and serve. Preferably without a bit of lace on the side…though obviously lace if you would like. As it is Easter a chick on the side maybe…too much?!


Use up any other caramel on pancakes with banana or apple’s, great mixed into flapjack mix just reduce the sugar or like me you can eat it as it is!

Most importantly have a lovely Easter  x



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