To dye or not to dye


When I was a child I totally hated the colour of my hair. I would not have believed for one moment that as I got older I would love it. To me back then it was a colour to not like. Despite not actually being ginger, I was called that regularly. Thinking back that was probably where the dislike of it came from.

These day’s most people assume I have dyed my hair. It has lots of different colours within it and has blonde stripes at the back. Looking very much like I have paid quite a bit of money at a hair dressers. Even new hairdresser look at me questionably when I say I have never dyed my hair!

Now at 45, the grey’s are creeping in, mainly to the sides. I have a pot of touch up dye which I bought back in July. It has remained un-opened. Other than that, without sounding liking I am bragging by hair colour is super vibrant and healthy. Kept healthy from not only my love of eating nuts and seeds but also from the lack of harsh chemicals it has had.


Meet Bex she has been messing about with the colour of her hair since age 14. The amount of hair that I find in the plug hole after her having a shower she will be needing Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment all joking apart though the health of my hair opposed to Bex’s can not be compared. A lot of people look at me when I have said I have not ever dyed my hair as if I must be some clean living bore! Though I like to eat healthy foods, completely clean living is a chocolate, pizza, cake, rum and coke step away from me! I would hope also never to be called a bore!

Bex’s hair is a darker and less red shade of mine. Like me she has natural streaks which if by friends standards who have dyed their hair from an early age, I doubt very much Bex will ever see them again.

Recently she has decided she wants to have more natural looking hair, the irony is only lost on her! The photo of the top is her and I yesterday in Bath (excuse my hair as it had rained on the way and I had been wearing a hat…please note I also didn’t even smooth out my wrinkles!). Bex’s is also rocking a plaster after having stitches out after a small operation, just in case you wondering. Anyway, before Bex’s hair colour was jet black so as you can imagine that needed to be stripped out by some stinky stuff containing goodness knows what! So now she is currently a deep brown which I think truly she would like a bit lighter.

Bex has been blonde…


Mermaid blue….with added mermaid blue extensions…


Two tone in several different colour ranges….


…red, varying shades of black and green at another point. I will say though that strangely Bex can ‘rock’ most colours. Whilst it is not for me, it does lift her spirits. Though rather like alcohol for example, it isn’t the best way to lift your mood in my humble opinion. Or maybe it is for some? I can think of one of my currently rainbow coloured visitors here, who may tell me it is a fab way to make you feel great.

So, I still ponder whether to cover my grey’s part of me thinks I should just age gracefully. Though I will confess that I may well re-think on this when more than just the sides turn grey!

For now I will enjoy having healthy non-dyed hair!

Photo credits to Bex…teen selfies how can she be my daughter with the love of a camera too! Joking Bex honest xx



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