Did I mention I was going to be 40 tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to be 40. Please do not say ‘Life begins at 40′ because excuse me mine began 40 years ago or 40 years tomorrow to be exact.

The other little gem of a comment is ’40 is the new 30’ again no it is not. 40 is 40 not 30 at all. It is a big 10 years bigger and there is nothing new about that.

Other than those little comments there is little I can do about the fact tomorrow I will no longer be in my 30’s and actually be in my 40’s.

Hard swallow, stinging eyes and yes I am slightly gutted that I have already lived 40 years of my life and it seems to have gone far to quickly.

In one of the first few weeks of my blog, I did tell you all that I would be 40 this year but it seemed ages away but now it is here.

Saying that since writing that post so much has changed and that is down to me. In these past 5 months before this blog was even born I have learnt so much. Taking things on board and actually believing in myself.

Not just in this space but taking it far beyond into my business and personal space too.

So I am not going to saying life begins at 40 because that is plainly wrong. What I will say though is, it is your life and you can change the way you live it and perhaps when your older (cough splutter!) you look and think maybe your ready for change and a new beginning 🙂

So see you on the other side of 39 and I believe my daughter is guest posting for me tomorrow so do stop by then too x

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