December, December

How can we already be on the 5th of December? In fact, how can we already be in December! I promised myself I would be oh so organised this Christmas. I promise myself that most years and guess what….yes I am far from organised!

I think I have bought fewer things this year at this point in December than ever before. I have got my home food shopping slot booked for the 23rd so all is not lost! I am not sure why but it gets to the first week of December and suddenly you are stressed that you are so far behind with Christmas that you go into panic mode. So, it is a deep breath, after all, there are 21 days of shopping to be had before the big day.

Rather like most of life, we seemed to have increased the Christmas expectation as the years go on. I am more than sure my Mum had only just begun thinking about Christmas by this point in December and that would be counted as mighty organised. Every year I say, I don’t want to be wrapping up on Christmas Eve. But would Christmas really be Christmas without some last minute wrapping up?That warm and fuzzy feeling that Christmas day is the next day and the lucky person will be unwrapping the gift you are just wrapping up!

My shopping trips for Christmas so far have seen me walking home in the dark with the cold nipping at my fingers.That to me says Christmas shopping. Putting your key in the front door, putting down your bags and warming your hands around a mug of something hot! With a content feeling in your heart.

I will of course try and get most of it all done before Christmas Eve.I love to bake and prepare food on Christmas Eve. This year, as Bex is 18 we are going to head out for a Christmas Eve cocktail late afternoon. That will see me snoozing on the sofa before bed! Perhaps I had better make sure all the wrapping is done before then.

I know there will be the super organised reading this. With presents bought and wrapped up. With their menu’s planned, the decorations up but my life is a lot more haphazard than that. I would say I inspire to be that organised person but I am quite happy these days to realise that is not me. If I suddenly became that organised person, a big part of my personality would be taken away from me. I am more than happy being a bit ditzy, to be honest!

My biggest aim this Christmas is to create that wonderful feeling of cosiness and relaxed times. I have loved making these book tree’s that the lovely Susan K Mann shared on her blog that her son had been making. They are incredibly therapeutic to make and we all have books that we may not read again. They look gorgeous and you can keep them plain or decorate them. I am keeping mine plain and I love that more rustic look.  Though I will be cutting out another star as I think the book stars look lovely.

I shall be making more and have invited a friend around one afternoon so we can make some together over tea and mince pies! Last night was our WI wreaths making so that is up on my front door. A night with mulled wine and mince pies. The smell of Christmas from the foilage we were using and a lovely togetherness as everyone admired each other’s creations. The beautifully symmetrical ones, the ones that colour coordinate and the more rustic creations rather like mine. Where the creator just enjoyed creating something that they could share with the outside world!

So rather like the Christmas wreaths last night. If you are stressing that Christmas is behind, or you are smug with the fact it is all done. We are all different and neither is wrong or right It will all come in a flurry of wrapping paper….well as long as you did get around to wrapping it all up!



2 comments on “December, December

  1. Susan Mann
    December 5, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Sounds like a good build up to Christmas and there is still plenty of time. Thank you so much for sharing my book folding post and so pleased you are enjoying making them xx

    • Ali
      December 5, 2017 at 5:53 pm

      Yes, there really is plenty of time! Ahhh I love making the book trees so a pleasure to share xxx

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