Dear Ozzie – 11 years old really???

Dear Ozzie,

Wow I can’t believe you are 11. As I type this your still only 10 but I remember the day before you were born, it was a hot, hot day (checks outside, no it’s not as nice today!). It was a very hot evening when you decided to make it known you were going to be joining us in the outside world very soon!!! Between 10 p.m and midnight I walked up and down the garden path and at five past midnight you decide to settled down for the night. For the first time in a long while I got to sleep all through the night, Bex slept through too, almost a first there as well. So as soon as I woke up at 7.30 (total bliss, thanks for that!) I knew you were on your way. I rang the hospital and was asked your due date, when I said today I was met with a hearty laugh and a ‘It won’t be today then!’. So I put down the phone, got Bexy’s breakfast knowing full well we would be proving them wrong. Sorted Playdough for Bex to play with, while your Dad walked around bleary eyed draining caffeine (nothing changes in the mornings huh?!!!). Several attempts to wake our neighbours (now your Godparents) who were looking after Bex. Another phone call to the hospital and a ‘Oh you better come in then!’. In the hospital they were still convinced you were not coming that day, so the other midwife left leaving just the one, who delivered you less than 2 hours of arriving at the hospital!!!

Now look at you 11, just left primary and about to start secondary school. You are such a ‘mellow jello’ well most of the time 😉 an individual that never feels the pressure to follow the crowd. You are kind and helpful, with such a wicked sense of humour and your laugh, the way you REALLY laugh it just fantastic. As one of your old teachers said ‘ If you could bottle Oscar’s laugh you would make millions’ and how true is that. We must try working on it (!) and I know you would be up for anything that makes you money as you are always thinking of ways to do this, and I know one day you will make a fortune 🙂 I love that you love nature and interested in small stuff that is around you, the small stuff which if enjoyed makes for a happier person and well that is you. The stuff you love you really love and well the rest well maybe gets only a little attention but the school stuff you seem to work hard at no matter what!!!

From the PGL you came home with a newly found confidence, though it was so good to have you back and a huge hug, which brings me on  to the next thing that I love that you still hugs from me (hugs are so important x).
It was a great lesson you reminded me of when you decided smart/casual was the way for you to dress to go to your ‘Prom night’ rather than to be forced or in your case I would have had to of brought a new super smart outfit that you would never wear again.

If I had to say just one thing for your birthday post ( and you know how difficult it is for me not to ramble on!!!) it would be ‘If the world had more Oscar’s in then it would be a happier place full of happier people’.

Keep being you and you won’t go far wrong.

Happy Birthday Oscar James


Love you Lots & Lots


Mum xxxxxxxxxxx



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