Dear Bex, I can’t believe your 13…

Dear Bex,

Now hang on if you are 13 then that makes me older than I would like to think I am. Of course 13 means now you are a scary teenager but you know not all teenagers need to be scary do they?

But you are no ordinary 13-year-old, your my girl so that horrid teenager thing does not apply right??!!

The day you arrived I couldn’t believe my luck, this perfect little baby and actually you came out so pretty that it is no surprise that you are so beautiful today.

But most importantly you are beautiful inside too which shines through you and makes you doubly beautiful.

Now while my readers think hang on is this perfect child for real, well rest assured readers like me no-one is perfect. But if I could pick out a daughter well I couldn’t pick better than you Bex. Despite you’re a bit messy like me sometimes ( well messier than me now but admittedly tidier than when I was your age!), you are kind, funny, clever (not from me!), K K Kool (yes I am too old to say cool but you know!!!) and you have climbed lots of mountains which I know have been tough and I am so proud of how you done it, but I reckon from that mountain you will get a good viewpoint of life. You know me and my silver lining well 🙂

We are pulling faces honest!!!

So here I am the Mum of a beautiful and as you can see from this photo fun 13-year-old. Who I would like to add has made me up in this photo (practise needed!!!) which I look slightly more deranged than I usually feel!!!

I am also so very glad to say that I have defied the saying of a parent can not be a friend as well because Bex as you know you are my very good friend too and I love that. I love the way you chat to me and you are sure to keep me in the groove (yes another heart sinking phrase, sorry Bex!) and the fact you chose for me to come birthday shopping with you even though I failed to get on a horse for you. Sorry I really didn’t want to be walking around like I had a horse between my legs day’s after I got off!!! Parent fail I know!

But we thought you would like this to remind you of all the things you loved to date pre-teenager  🙂 Yep the words are by me but Dad takes the credit for the design!!! Your real one was wrapped up Bex so this is a mock up, yes I know different frame!!!

So they you go Little Miss ‘HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY’ have a fab day and enjoy being a teenager (!) but keep being you and talking to me just because…

Love you lots and lots

Mum X X X X X X X X X X X X X

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