Date nights, yes or no?


We are creeping up to 17 years of marriage here at Over a Cuppa and it seems like only yesterday.

Okay the last bit may not be true, it seems like a long time ago!

With Bex and Oscar getting older before I know it they would of flown the nest and well what then? I notice that quite a few couples arrange date nights with their partners. This sounds like a good idea but not something we have ever done really.

Perhaps now is the time to think about ‘dating’ my husband again!  Generally the Over a Cuppa household (including the 4 legged ones) keep me full on busy. Time out for both Cam and I tend to be doing things separately. Is this the key to a successful marriage, who knows! I do my yoga and occasionally meet up with friends. Cam belongs to the local rifle club which he is also on the committee for. Which means we trudge along happily in our own lives.


So what would an ideal date night look like. Well a night off cooking is always good so a evening out at a restaurant would be on my list. Thinking about it we did have a ‘date night’ last year. Had a lovely meal out and me being one for a nice walk, decided to drag Cam for a relatively dark walk by the river and beyond. To me this was a perfect end to a lovely evening out. To Cam I am not so sure!

Having the concentration span of a gnat, films have to really grab me. Not to mention that Cam and I have very different taste in films too! Theatre again our taste probably do not match, but I do love going to the theatre.  I actually fancy going to a comedy club. Laughing is always good for the soul and Cam loves comedy too. Locally they hold one in a pub near by, but I also fancy going to Komedia which they have one in Bath. Just a train ride away.

Perhaps a meal out then a laugh in Bath (that rhymes the way I say it…yes I am from Bath!) would make for a great date night! There are lots of great restaurants to choose from with something to please both Cam and I. Or maybe we could go a bit further a field, perhaps really treat ourselves and discover the best restaurants in London . Maybe make a daytime and evening date and catch the last train home!

Bowling would be fun but then I know the kids would love to come. On a girls night out I would always choose drinks over a meal. More time to chat and catch up. Though Friday I think I will be having a meal in Bath with friends, who are clearly more grown up in nature than me! Going drinking or a pub crawl in our little town for a date night may be…let’s say interesting!

But 17 years of marriage must mean we are doing something right so perhaps our dates nights should remain at home and the odd meal out and walk afterwards!

Do you go on date nights and if you do what do you do?


2 comments on “Date nights, yes or no?

  1. 76sunflowers
    October 11, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    We have a comedy night booked in half term – well I say booked we have tickets but our babysitters will have flown off to NZ by then!! Haha! We also differ in film tastes – I love movies but the OH only has a select few films he likes!

    • Ali
      October 11, 2016 at 7:53 pm

      Oh no to loss of babysitters…how dare they go to NZ! 😉 I may try our local comedy night and then move on to something bigger! You have some good names visit your town actually! Yes I have the classic rom com film love, which makes Cam shudder…though other top films are Train Spotting and I rather like Lock, stock and two smoking barrel…then kiddie animation! Films either have to grab me or be one’s I can switch from reading to watching…not the ingredients to a date night! xxx

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