Creating new habits

Table ready to be pulled out and enjoyed!
Table ready to be pulled out and enjoyed!

What is it they say you have to do something thirty times to create a habit? Though the word habit always makes me think of chewing nails (I don’t by the way!) or drinking too much tea (I probably do!) I am trying to create little habits that are beneficial (though obviously tea drinking is!).

I thought about this post last night simply because one new habit since moving house and getting a table and chairs (it is a downsize so our old table was far too big) is always and I mean always eating supper at the table together!

I did write about this here ‘5 reasons to eat together at the table’ and with all good intentions I wavered. It was a usually the call of something mindless on telly or the fact one of the kids would make that low long groaning ‘pleeeeeaaaasssse’ and I would end up for a quiet life saying ‘Okaaaaaay’ in an equally low and long groaning reply!

We had a few weeks without a table and chairs and even though we made the brave decision to go for a lighter coloured sofa (one of the joy’s of the kids growing up and yes I was the one to make the first stain, chocolate if you are wondering!) we did eat supper on laps all those weeks! The slate floor in the kitchen really was not an option to sit  even with a picnic blanket!

So finally we chose our table and chairs after I had to briefly snap at a young assistant who announced there was no rush to choose one and there was plenty of time! Not one to have a short fuse usually  I did actually quietly snap saying actually there was a rush because we had not got a table and chairs and had not had one for several weeks! He did look a little confused  and I realise that all of his meals were taken happily on his lap and when I was his age I expect that is where I took mine too!

So safely home I mentally made a rule, that supper, dinner or tea what ever you like to call it would be had together at the table. Mentally making a rule and not telling anyone is actually a good thing! That way the inner rule breaker in anyone doesn’t pop out and so here we have a habit created.

I say it took less than the thirty days to create this as a habit with not having any moans or groans or even temptation from me when actually a bit of a Come Dine With Me Fix was actually what I needed!

If the kids are about the table gets laid, drinks get made but most of all the best thing is we have a happy family meal together (most nights after all we are not the Waltons!). This is a new habit that makes a difference and one if you don’t already do then give it a go!

I have a list of other habits I want to create, it is which one to create next!


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