Community and kindness

It has been a funny old week. All consuming with lots of different things and my mind is in washing machine spin cycle mode. The beautiful October sunshine is out currently and as my brain begins to settle, I thought I must pop here. Despite now thinking washing load number two is ready to try and be dried outside in the sun. I shall pause and settle here. My busy mind so eager to do so many things at once and really not succeeding in achieving much!

I am not being hard on myself though, honestly! Kindness starts with you more than often. I am a very selfless person but have learned that being kind to me, equals I have much more kindness to give to others. The lovely Susan from Susan K Mann shared a lovely message on her Instagram. “When Autumn darkness falls, what we will remember are the small acts of kindness: a cake, a hug, an invitation to talk and every simple smile.”

How so very true is that. Kindness doesn’t need to cost much and often it costs nothing at all. A few muscles in your face to share a smile. A few moments of your time, hugs are feel good for everyone and so are smiles too. As I commented on Susan’s Instagram “Kindness is the currency to happiness” to the giver and recipient! Perhaps it is an equally selfless and selfish act that pay’s off to everyone involved.

Over the late summer when our allotment was producing abundantly. It was equally satisfying sharing the produce with friends and neighbours as it was eating it ourselves.

One of our elderly neighbours whose daughter was very ill. The bunch of sweet peas’s in a glass jar filling her room with a gorgeous scent, her mum said was enjoyed more than huge lavish bouquets. The homegrown over sized courgette her Mum stuffed was one of the few things that she had the appetite to eat. It meant so much to me hearing that from her Mum as much as the sweet pea’s and veg was enjoyed. Sadly she passed away a week or so after. But our little street showed kindness and respect and I know that meant so much to them. At times like that sometime’s showing kindness can be awkward. In my heart, I stood outside their front door feeling very humble with what was in my hands. In reality what was received was worth so much more than the value of what I offered.

Last week the bargain flowers I shared. Well, I had bought three bunches. Really with the intention to mix the three together and make two bouquets for Bex and I. Half way home, I had terrible guilt. Though there were many bargain bunches left, I suddenly felt selfish buying three. So I hoped that I would of see one of the two ladies I chat to, who both live on their own. Indeed I did and she was so thrilled and grateful. More for the gesture than the flowers themselves I am sure.

It really is as Susan said, small gestures.

On Sunday I was met with the sad news that one of my dog walking buddies, their dog had died. We met most day’s and his gorgeous spaniel Bobbie loved to join my three dog’s to hang out. They were as his owner always said, proper dog pals! His owner who is retired had waited for me and my trio to give me Bobbie’s lead. He was a super behaved dog and did not ever really use a lead. But as a dog owner myself, I felt so honoured that he wanted me to have the lead.

He was incredibly upset. His dog was his constant companion but he refused a comforting hug but joined us for a good 30 minutes. Our little park community is lovely. Friendships are formed and kindness and caring is a daily happening.

I often think I want to do something bigger to keep community spirit alive. I hope one day my mind stops spinning and I can think of something that will make a difference to others.

In the meantime, just sharing that smile and listening really is a great start.





2 comments on “Community and kindness

  1. Susan Mann
    October 23, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Aww what a wee shame about the poor doggy, heartbreaking when that happens. You do make a difference to others by being you x

    • Ali
      October 23, 2017 at 4:25 pm

      I know, they were such great companions to each other. He popped in the park this morning and had a walk with me and my trio. I like to think I make a bit of a difference to people and I know you are very much the same xx

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