Comic Relief Cookies


Comic Relief Cookies

I thought this super yummy and even better super easy recipe may be useful for anyone who is baking for a cake sale for Comic Relief, they usually fly off the cake stall like hot cookies making lots of money too.

Makes 12-16 Biscuits (sometimes more)

Preheat oven to 160 0c/325 0f/Gas mark 3

You will need:
300g Plain Flour
200g Butter (leave out of the fridge for a while)
100g sugar
Smarties or chocolate drops to decorate

1. Put the flour, butter, sugar into a bowl.

2. Squeeze all the ingredients together until you have a lovely ball of dough.

3. Shape the cookies by making them into a ball, then squash with a fork.

4. Add your smarties or chocolate drops and press into the dough a little bit.

5. Place them on a lightly greased baking tray leaving a little bit of space between
the cookies.

6. Bake for 15 minutes (the kitchen will smell divine) they should be just golden brown when ready.

Leave to cool on a rack (the hardest part).

If they are for a bake sale plate them up I usually call them dotty cookies or dotty shortbread a cute name helps them sell even quicker !

Posh it up, add orange zest to the dough and dot with dark chocolate drops or try lemon zest with white chocolate drops.

Love coconut add 2 oz of coconut to the mix your get a couple of extra cookies from the mix too, this dough is very friendly to be changed so have some fun with flavours.

Keep this recipe, so easy for children’s parties or just when you want something nice to go with your cuppa, of course ideal for when your reading my blog !!!

This recipe was taken orginally from the DK Rainy Day book the posh tweeks are mine the rest is down too you.

Happy cookie selling (you’ll be so proud giving them in).



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