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Christmas with Aldi

Over this year I have been sent lots of lovely goodies from Aldi. It has been a pleasure trying them and I am always impressed with the quality and the price to go with it.

Aldi sent me a Christmas thank you but I really wanted to tell you about it. Excuse any mistakes here, Oscar is currently singing ‘It’s beginning to look like Aldi’  in the kitchen where I am typing this!!!

You have probably seen Aldi’s Christmas adverts, which I always love. Very clever adverting people I think! So you may already know they have some great key Christmas products like mince pies & cranberry sauce with Port. Quality products and prices which will save you a mince pie or three on the price!!!

Aldi Ginger Bread HouseWe were sent this wonderful Christmas ginger house. It is made in the more traditional way, in that it is built with the softer ginger bread rather than the hard crunchy stuff. It is beautiful decorated with a little girl, little boy and a Granny. The roof is covered in delicately coloured meringues. It is beautifully finished and iced to make a snowy effect and indeed is hand-made.

It will look perfect on a Christmas Supper time table, make a perfect gift to take and give. I am sure it is going to be delicious to eat too! But for all this lovely detail a price tag of just £5.99 is amazing. I have already sent a few off to buy one of these, there is something quite nostalgic about this house which weighs in at 600g so plenty to share around.

The box of Lebkuchen assortment biscuits we were sent, were totally loved here and at £3.79 for 500g makes a really nice treat to have for visiting guests or to treat yourself of course.

We are looking forward to trying out cranberry sauce with port 99p that looks gorgeous, the strawberry jam with Champagne which comes with a jam spoon which is a great touch.

Aldi have plenty of other Christmas specials so worth a visit so you can keep your food budget down without comprising on quality.

Thank you the Aldi team for sending us our Christmas box of goodies.


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