Christmas card organinsing

Christmas card organisation skills

Yes, when I typed out that title I did smile to myself. Though it is always better getting organising tips from someone who is naturally disorganised, well that is the way I see it!!!

Now if you already have your all your cards written, addressed and stamp your Christmas cards there is no need to read on. But if like me you are usually writing them at the last minute and who else is like me always has a handful that I never get around to delivering. Oh maybe just me then?!!!

Last year I told you about my baby sitting idea but for those of you who didn’t read it I will let you know of this fab little scheme. When my two were younger and so was my friends we used to do a baby sitting shift each. I would go her house while she and her husband went out for the evening. I would take my Christmas cards, pens always several you don’t want the excuse of stopping, my address book, my Christmas card list and stamps. For my 3 hours or so baby sitting shift, I would write Christmas cards, address them and even stamp the ones for posting.

In return my friend would do her Christmas card writing shift and we would get a night out. The cards were written and a pre-Christmas night out was had without any guilt of paying baby sitters at this expensive time of year or owing a baby sitting stint. So totally perfect, now our children are grown up I have needed to re-think, so in the under stair cupboard I will be having a box, with Christmas cards, my Christmas card list which I re-write every year, my address books (yes I have two,grrr!!!), there will be stamps in it soon and several pens.
Christmas card organinsing

Taken from Grace Marshall’s fab book 21 ways of managing the stuff  that sucks up time, which I brought recently and is totally fab but will tell you more about that soon. I am going to set my timer for 30 mins several evenings a week until they are done. There will be of course be a Christmas C.D in the background,  As suggested by Grace, if I am still in the flow after 30 mins I will continue if not I will be pleased that I done X amount of cards.

There will be tea of course and to be honest I won’t  start until the end of November or beginning of December or it just feels wrong to me. I usually like to waffle in my cards a bit though not sure I will quite so much this year.

Despite being time consuming I do like to send proper cards opposed to email cards though love getting both. Though with stamps going up I am sure fewer will be sent this year. One of the jobs I do like doing is hand delivering Christmas cards, especially in the evening when Christmas tree’s are up and it is cold. I do hope it is colder this Christmas, I only got to wear a hat once or twice last year!!!

So there you go, two ways to help you write your Christmas cards without to much stress and you may just enjoy it 🙂

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