Grey clouds and sunshine

Chasing away the black clouds

Black clouds that come into our lives are horrible things they may be feelings, they may be black clouds of real things that happen.

So here is my list of things that help to chase away my black clouds even if they can not be chased away completely.

Grey clouds and sunshine
This seemed a perfect picture for this post. Dark clouds, sunshine in the front and one of our dogs, Lottie coming into the sun but it is hard work because of the sinking sand.


A friend to tell

I am not a moaner, I am more of a listener but knowing someone is there to listen. Letting someone know that you have a few black clouds to chase means they are there for you. Someone asking how things are, equals someone who cares and that in itself helps to chase the black clouds away.

Look around you

Heather flowersThe world is full of people chasing black clouds but I don’t mean count your blessing quite yet. Enjoy what is around you, whether you live in the City or somewhere much more rural. We are all surrounded by gorgeous things that natures provides us with. Now I am not talking cute guys with nice bums, let’s not lower the tone here. Though if that is what chases those clouds away, well go ahead and enjoy. I can’t remember the last bit of decent eye candy I saw (don’t believe the cute surfer guy thing about Cornwall total myth!!!) except my husband of course, who isn’t a cute surfer guy before you come looking!!! So for me it the birds (the flying type!) taking time to just watch them and listen to them to me is just relaxing. Especially this time of year when they are so grateful for warmer days. The site of the snowdrops, I love the white and that gorgeous green detail that only nature can provide. If it is pouring with rain and you don’t want to look around and enjoy the outdoors then for me a quick visual trip to Pinterest can lessen the black clouds.

Treat yourself

No I am not talking damage to the credit card. I do love a bit of shopping but have totally learnt over the years that once you get that ‘this will make me feel so happy’ item home the feel good factor drifts away far, far quicker than it took you to earn the money to pay for it. Though of course little treat’s, a lovely handcream, a bunch of daffodils, a Creme egg (or two totally addicted I am!!!) is quite frankly a worthy investment. For me treating myself would be taking 10 minutes to give my feet a treat. I wrote about it in this post when I first was blogging two years ago, on a post ‘5 ways to enjoy Sunday more’ go on then take a look and always forget how wonderful pampering your feet feels. It makes you feel lighter and happier and that is worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time. Of course getting someone else to do it would be far better but well that is not going to happen here! Just painting my toe nails a pretty colour is known to chase a black cloud or two away. So it doesn’t have to big or an amazing amount of time just something to make you feel cared for by yourself, because if you can’t care about yourself then what is that teaching your children to care about themselves, hey? As I typed that, this is a point I do need to consider as I put everyone before myself and so do as I say not as I do but I am going to make sure I take my advice.


Yes don’t under estimate how important smell is. Natural or not so, certain smell’s release things in my brain and make me feel instantly happier. Fresh coffee, vanilla, Freesia’s, fresh mint and lemon balm once they start growing back again, a spritz of perfume or a nice body spray, hand cream again, lemons, freshly baked biscuits especially with warm spices running through them and a comforting gorgeous smell of roast dinner. Great smells attached to good memories can take you to happy places.


gluten-free welsh cakesThis is not for everyone, if baking is frustrating then give it a miss. But for me baking then sharing and enjoying the baked goodies, helps to chase away the black clouds. Friday late afternoon bake was Welsh cakes. Not only were they the first time I had made them after years of thinking I must but also Welsh cakes had happy memory links. A old (in years of being friends and indeed in years now) used to always bring a batch of Welsh cakes to work with her once a week. Being Welsh they were cooked properly on a griddle and were as perfect as you can get them. Welsh cakes were enjoyed by Bex when she visited my sister when she lived in Wales. This also marked the first ever cup of tea had by Bex. Bex was talking about this and she misses her Aunty Heather terribly as I do too, so they were also the perfect bake for that reason. Finally Welsh cakes were enjoyed by all when we had a fab holiday in Wales, except me which is why these were made gluten-free!!!!

Enjoy achieving

This doesn’t have to be huge big things, it can be little things just little successes. Making things can be a good thing, learning something new is another great thing. Learning is some what under estimated, I wasn’t big on school I don’t mind confessing but now I really enjoy learning new things. Again it not all about signing up to courses, it can be little things snippets from online. There is a wealth of free stuff to learn out there. Learning a new skill is something else to help you chase the clouds away because feeling like you achieved something means you have moved forward and that only has to be a good thing.

Be Grateful

No matter what is going on there is always things to be grateful for. You don’t have to look far to see that someone is much worse off than you and although when your clouds are very black around you, getting life into perspective can push a few of them away.

So that is my little round up of pushing the black clouds away because just focusing on the black clouds themselves will not help you or anyone, and typing this is just a reminder to me too.

*The black clouds I am talking about are not depression and although the above may help with these feelings, depression is very different.






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