Can you buy Hygge


Comfortable Kit!


Hygge, is all around everywhere. Just the word gives the feeling of all being cosy. Kit, above does hygge so well! The ultimate snug and cosy he is! You can even buy books about ‘Hygee’ing’ your life! I have to be honest I’ve been tempted to buy one as can you really have too many cosy idea’s?

But can you really buy or gift Hygge. I have to say I think in order to experience the whole hygge cosyiness and comfort you need the right mindset. But I still think a helping hand with a few choice items are also going to benefit.

For me ‘hygge’ is warmth, cosy, safe and happy. It’s being warm after being cold outside. It’s hand wrapped around a mug of something hot. It is the feeling of the warmth spreading into your hands and then body whilst you enjoy your drink. It is about enjoying that drink more because it is warming.


Blankets, scarves, jumpers,  cosy clothes, warm p.j’s, open fires, hot water bottles, candles, fairy lights, pubs for a warming Sunday roast, enjoying friends company in your own or their homes. Soup’s, casseroles, hot lunches instead of cold sandwiches. Flasks of hot chocolate whilst out for a country walk with slices of cakes consumed! It is closing the curtains at night and staying in being snug!


So can you buy ‘hygge’ and can you add your version of hygge and gift it to others. I think yes hygge can be bought and with that will hopefully follow the natural Danish feeling of cosy!

Who wouldn’t like to receive a gift that makes them feel cosy inside. A present to make the darker, colder day’s kinder to you.

Our house is quite chilly in the day time, so I love adding ‘hygge’ bits to my gift wishlist. More blankets and a cosy pair of jog pants that are just for being at home but not quite p.j’s are on my list. I know jog pants (I am living the glamorous dream!) but you get so cold sat at a laptop I can tell you!

Gifting hygge could be scarves, hats, gloves, pretty mugs, candles, blankets, posh hot chocolate, cushions, clothes, soup bowls, a cosy book to read. The list could go on and on.


I always seem to see hygge is more directed at females or is that me? For gentlemen gifts of scarves, hats, jumpers are perfect. Can you ever really have enough nice mugs too or is that just me too?  For the older gentlemen gifts,  Chums have some very cosy ‘hygee’ offers including some great jumpers in warming colours. I love the orange as a winter colour. I have never really got the hip flask thing but I am sure a warming brandy is also a hygge good gift to buy for men. No driving and drinking though!

I did love reading Gabrielle Tenors article Hygge- changing the story of the dark and cold (yes she has a Cavillier King Charles to show you Hygge too) after her visit to Denmark and conversations with her Danish friends. Though I do agree hygge is more a feeling, I also thinking that to truly embrace it you do need a few bits and pieces which if you haven’t got well yes buying them is a must!

Have you found your inner hygge and gathered your hygge goodies now the weather has got colder and the clocks are going to be changing at the weekend?



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