Aldi Harvest Morn Breakfast Muesli

Award winning breakfast with Aldi

Breakfast with Aldi

Breakfast is one of those important meals of the day that so many skip. So these tempting and great value choices from Aldi that Lauren asked if we would liked to try out are perfect breakfast goodies. All are award winners as well by the way!

Our award winning breakfast package comprise

  • Diplomat Berry Fruits Tea Bags –  99p for 40 tea bags which won 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2012
  • Specially Selected Eucalyptus Honey –  £1.79 for 340g  2 stars
  • Specially Selected Single Origin Roast & Ground – Ethiopian – £1.99 for 200g  2 Star
  • Specially Selected Farmhouse Seeded White Batch Loaf –  99p 1 star
  • Carringtons Fine Cut Marmalade –  53p for 450g 1 star
  • Harvest Morn Luxury Fruit and Nut Muesli –  £2.25 for 1KG 1 star
  • Specially Selected Free Range Eggs –  £1.39 for 6 1 star

The first to crack open was the Diplomat Berry Fruit Tea Bags, I love fruit tea’s and so do both Oscar and Bex. Fruit tea’s though can be disappointing but the Berry Fruit tea bags delivered flavour, really fresh and fruity. They were more sour than sweet which could easily be sweeten by a little honey but I enjoyed then just as they are. At 99p for 40 tea bags they are great value.

The Eucalyptus honey was gorgeous, I love honey and having grown up with my Grandpa’s fresh honey I am a bit honey fussy so my stars are equal to any great taste awards!!!!

Now to get eating something, firstly muesli isn’t hugely popular here (I love it but being gluten-free couldn’t eat this one) but and this is what I love about doing reviews I now have Oscar loving muesli. This is packed full of dry fruit and just to prove it to you, I took this photo when we were 2/3rd down in the box and you know how dusty and boring muesli can get that far down the box. I will be sent to Aldi to buy more!!!

Aldi Harvest Morn Breakfast Muesli
What is on the box you get in the bowl 🙂

The coffee I thought was excellent and at £1.99 really was great value, the gorgeous marmalade at just 53p was loved by all and great value. Then the bread. The day it arrived I had a homemade loaf just made so after have a squeeze, beautifully soft I might add it went in the freezer for breakfast toast. I like keeping a loaf in the freezer just so there is always sliced bread for toast but quite often we trade-off that convinence  for taste. In this case not at all, obviously I couldn’t eat it but every time it was served for breakfast I got “This is gorgeous bread” crumbs flying from mouth as it was spoken!!! So 99p for a seeded loaf that tastes gorgeous and freezes well what more do you need!

I do try to buy eggs from a farm shop close by, so eggs as eggs these were good-sized, free ranged ( a must in our house for me!) and compared to other supermarket prices where I paid over £1.60 recently for 6, Aldi £1.39 seems fair value.

All the products as you expect from Aldi represent great value for money, the firm favourites in the house were the muesli and the bread. The only downside of this review is yet again I wished we lived closer to an Aldi!!!!

Once you have eaten your breakfast you then can wash up with Aldi awarding winner washing up liquid and at 59p for this big bottle was a great priceAldi Magnum washing up liquid and we don’t want to be spending money on boring necessities like cleaning products if we don’t have to, do we?

It beat Fairy for the second year running Aldi’s washing up liquid has topped the Which? test and beaten the UK’s best seller.  Yet Aldi’s version is a fraction of the cost at 59p (500ml) compared to Fairy’s £1.25 (433ml).
Up until last year, Fairy had topped every washing up liquid test since the magazine first started testing it in 1965, but it seems its bubble has well and truly burst.

The Which? test also revealed that a 59p bottle of Aldi’s washing-up liquid can wash 11,750 plates while 59p’s worth of Fairy Original washed just 4,292 plates.

Now that is a lot of plates, don’t you think? No I am not doing your washing up, sorry!!!

Thank you Lauren for sending us the breakfast goodies and washing up, after typing this I going to make some of the lovely coffee 🙂

This review has follow my strict Over a Cuppa’ policy of giving honest praise only when due.







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