Boxing day idea’s with Total Greek

I have always been a fan of using yoghurt as an ingredient. Not being a huge mayonaise fan, yoghurt for me has always been a natural alternative.

Total Greek have some fab idea’s for you for Boxing Day nibbles. So easy and look so yummy too, plus there video’s will just get you in the festive mood if you’re not already. I keep popping over there just to get a bit more festive!!!!

Me being me I wanted to challenge myself to see what I could do with one large pot of Total Greek as it arrived when I wasn’t all together in the Christmas spirit. I used some for a healthy alternative to cream with a Christmas twist, one as an easy and good for you dessert that was very yummy and as a greek custard style toppping on a vegetable bake.

First up is my slightly over done vegetable bake. I made the savoury custard on top by using 1/2 a tub of Total Greek, 2 eggs and little grated cheese, black pepper, nutmeg and a little salt. All mixed up together then poured over the bake and cooked for 40 minutes. It made the bake extra special and very yummy. This could be also used using leftover turkey for a turkey bake.

I simply mixed some of the Total Greek with some mixed spice, little nutmeg and zest of half an orange. Gave it a good stir and there you have it a Christmas spiced alternative to cream. I made mini spiced apple pies to go with this as my guys don’t like mince pies. This made a gorgeous and I think nicer alternative to cream. It goes without saying a much healthier option too!!!

I didn’t want to be left out so I simply crushed one gluten-free cookie, put half in the bottom of a glass, stirred some of the spiced Total Greek into some stewed apple, pop into the glass then added the other half of the cookie and sprinkled on top. Simply delicious!!!!

This was simply scrummy!

It is quite amazing what you can do with yoghurt and Total greek was a pleasure to use. Have a play with it or pop over to the wonderful website for more idea’s. The children will enjoy the website too.

Also totally delicious on its own or just drizzle with a little honey. Yum yum!!!!

Total greek comes in 2% and 0% fat varieties. I used the 0% in the above recipe which were all fantastic.  Making a very healthy switch even more so when your switching it for double cream!!! Total Greek also comes in spilt pots, I tried out the honey split pot, with gorgeous honey on one side and Total Greek on the other. Highly recommend they are gorgeous! Also available in strawberry, blueberry and tropical fruits.

You can buy Total Greek in most Major supermarkets.

For more imformation on Total Greek visit their Total website where your be met by a very jolly tune 🙂

I would like to thank Emma for sending me the Total Greek. It was a pleasure to use and all very yummy.

This review has followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of giving honest praise when due.

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