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Boursin – A blast from the past

When Boursin was mentioned by Alishia and she asked if I would like to try out some of the new Boursin range I was instantly taken back a good 15 or more years. There sat on the side in my Uncle Ken’s kitchen sat a box of Boursin already for me to take home. He was lovely and very generous and often liked to buy extra of things he loved and share it with me and lucky recipients. Boursin was one of those things, he like his with bread and salad and even back then I liked to do different things with ingredients so mine was added to mashed potato as well as to fill yummy sandwiches.

So when my parcel arrived I was so glad to see that as well as new flavours like the most recent Sun ripened tomato, onion and chive that had been added to the range,  the original Herb and Garlic was still there. The box and packaging were just as I remember I mean why change something that works.

Those like me who have had Boursin in the past and forgotten it well let me tell you it is worth popping into your shopping trolley again. Boursin have also added these handy minis to their range. On the day they arrived we were having roasted ratatouille so look here I just scattered some of the mini’s over once I took it out the oven and roasted ratatouille at an even more delicious level, love it and so did everyone else!!!
boursin minisThey have also added individual portions which came in handy when Oz and I went camping as I popped them in the cool bag for our lunch once the tent was pitched, so made a perfect sandwich filling.
Boursin sun ripened tomato, onion & chive

I also used the Boursin range to make a couple of pasta sauces. I used the Sun ripened Tomato, onion and chive one by simply heating a little olive oil in a frying pan, I added 1 chopped onion, 2 courgettes finely sliced and cooked until softening added 2 garlic cloves chopped and cooked for a further minute. Then added a the Boursin cheese and stirred until it melted into a sauce. Add a little milk and stir then pour over your pasta and stir. I had made bread crumbs and added grated cheese and black pepper to them, so I put the pasta in a heatproof dish, scattered the breads crumbs over the top and put under a hot grill for a couple of minutes. Delicious!!! Love by all.
Pasta bake with boursin cheeseI also made a similar sauce using the Poirve Noir variety, by heating the oil as above frying 1 chopped onion until soft. Add 1-2 chopped garlic cloves then add the Boursin cheese and stir till melted. Add a little milk and heat and stir. I used this as a sauce on pasta with steamed broccoli and halved cherry tomatoes. Whilst eating it I was thinking all the time this would be a great and easy ‘Pepper sauce’ for steak.

I loved being remind of the great taste of Boursin and Bex and Oscar enjoyed their first taste of it. Oscar was a particular fan!!! I found it a great cheese that with the different flavours it was really versatile for cooking with. When cooking with it though no added salt will be needed as it already contains salt which would be my only down point on it.

Of course Boursin could be just served as it is as a cheese with crackers and I think would make a welcome appearance on anyones cheese board.

Check out Boursin range here, where you will also find some great recipes.

Boursin’s sun-ripened tomato, onion & chive flavour is available now at Tesco & Morrisons, in the speciality cheese section alongside the rest of the Boursin range, available at price of £2.20 per 150g.

I would like to thank Alishia for giving me this blast from the past and reminding me of how handy Boursin is.

This review has followed my strict ‘Over a Cuppa’ policy of giving honest praise only when due.


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