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The blog post prompt at Britmums this week is Thanks Giving and the bloggers prompt is inspirational bloggers, so my blogger for me has to be Penny from Alexander Residence.

I am by nature quite a stressy person, admittedly disorganised so for me a visit to Penny’s blog is always a pleasure. Despite the sad loss of her Mum at the beginning of this year, who I also feel like I know, even though I did not have the pleasure to have been able to meet her. Penny’s blog represents to me a calm place.

I love Penny’s ‘Little Legacy’ which more than often I get something out of. I also love the way it has also made Penny stronger. I always have been a great believer you can take something negative and make it into a positive and Penny really has done that with the ‘Little Legacy’. I am quite sure all that read it that feel too.

Her videos are always calm and just small things you can pick out and use perhaps even in different ways. Penny also uses the skills she has aquired as a drama teacher to the benefit of the reader. Which just writing this post has got me thinking.

Penny is now a Britmums mentor and I can’t think of anyone more perfect for the role.

I am still pretty new to blogging, but what I would like for others to gain from my blog is somewhere you go in a virtual sense of course and feel you are there, if you know what I mean! I get that from visiting Alexander Residence.

This is the first blog prompt I have done, but it has got me really thinking, so in turn doing this Britmums post has been inspirational to me too!!!

So thank you Penny and Britmums 🙂

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