Belated Happy 2018

How did this happen again? I seem to have given myself another extended blogging break. Where did not only the run-up to Christmas, Christmas itself and the beginning of the year go?

Here we are already over (just by a day, no need to panic too much!) halfway through January.  Christmas seems epically ages ago, which makes me sad. But also the birds seem to be in extra song, the bulbs are a good few inches above the earth with the promise of Spring not too far away.

January so far has been a mixed bunch of weather. With day’s so gloomy that just making a cup of tea seems an effort. To bright blue energising skies to energise body and soul and powering us through what can be a gloomy time of year.

The dark day’s do get me down. But as I have got older and wiser (I sell myself this story it makes me feel good!) I do listen to my body far better. So when my body says go to bed at 9, I give or take 30 minutes usually listen to it!

For some reason, my body has also decided that meat just is not for me right now. I am not going to completely rule it out and I did eat a little bit of turkey on Sunday. The first meat I have eaten this year. But for now, the thought of it makes me feel a little ill so far more veggie meals are hitting out already heavy veggie menus!

The thing is eating 3 to 4 veggie meals a week is easy. Thinking up new ideas for 7 day’s I am finding a bit more challenging to tick the whole households taste. Add in gluten-free and low and no dairy and it becomes a bit more of a jungle.

Veggie cooking it more time consuming too for sure. Making veggie bean burgers compared to a beef burger I think you can at least triple the time and mess. But they taste wonderful and are super good for you.

Not sure if it is January tiredness or a slight lack of iron but I must confess January does seem a sleepy month for me! Having said that I don’t look pale so I think it is just my hibernation mode kicking in a bit too much.

It seems to me, even in a local area lots of people are dropping or reducing their meat intake this year. Not sure whether that is media influenced, a way to reduce the food shopping bill or is the level of meh stuff injected into meat catching up on our bodies?  Whatever it is, eating more veg and more beans and pulses has got to be a good thing. Though if you are looking for a veggie gluten-free ‘easy meal’ then an offer of pizza or perhaps macaroni cheese if you are lucky is on the cards! Not that we have an easy meals that often but it is nice to have that option if you wish too.

I am off to London this weekend for an event I am super looking forward too. Not blog related at all. London daunts me massively. So already anxiety is kicking in a bit too much out there in big London town with no-one to hold my hand. Mind a night away will feel strange without anyone I know, it will be good for me!

I have yet to decide to indulge myself with a night in the hotel just chilling. Or be brave and choose the less relaxing option of going out in London on a Saturday night. We will see what the day brings me and perhaps I shall make some new friends to, spend an evening with. Boring as it sounds I am 50/50 on this. As a night just reading and writing my thoughts on the day I had and getting ready for another day of newness on Sunday is quite tempting.

So, I will end my slightly waffly post there. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. May 2018 be a brilliant year for you and your family.




2 comments on “Belated Happy 2018

  1. Susan Mann
    January 17, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    Belated happy new year. What a lovely post with fantastic photos. Sounds like a great Christmas x

    • Ali
      January 18, 2018 at 1:13 pm

      It was a relaxed Christmas it is a shame it goes far too quickly! Happy 2018 to you too and your lovely family xxxxx

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