…being nearly 40

If you have read my About Me you’ll know that this summer I will be 40!

40 to me is a rather big number, double 20 to be precise! Which is kind of scary when I really think I am only 25. Alright 28, which brings me nicely onto one of those compliments you keep to the front of your mind, it goes…..

Day before 39th birthday talking to one of my customers “I am going to be 39 tomorrow!” Customer “No your not”, Me “Yes I am” Customer “No your not!”  Me “I am!” Customer “But I thought you were only about 28!”

Hold that thought which means obviously in July I am only going to look 29, keep that thought then it’s not so bad is it?

I have to say I am pro anti ageing creams they truly work wonders see above for proof, oh and there was that time when the switch your energy guy came around, I like to point out that I had already signed to switch so I pass him the form’s back, year of birth 1971 see I will be 40 (!) and he said “1971 but I am 6 years younger than you and you look younger than me” yes you got it another hold that thought it will get you through it moment !!!

Home from a party the other day the bliss of taking my heels off and my trousers that seemed yet again to have shrunk in the wardrobe (maybe I should try hanging out there for a while!) was utter well BLISS and then put the kettle on for a nice cuppa I then had to admit I was feeling not quite 29 at that moment.

Still I am in my 30’s for another few months, but for the time being I am going to follow what I have been doing already and as well the boring stuff which keeps us young like drinking water (actually I really love water), eating healthily and keeping a bit fit ;), I will keep having a laugh, being a bit daft and generally trying to see the lighter side of life.

So here’s to holding back the wrinkles, the saggy jawline and saggy everywhere else for a few years yet. It’s only another 100 or so days to go till I reach the big 40 – do I sound bothered NO !!!
being nearly 40

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