Beautiful girl going to Beautiful day’s

My beautiful girl is off to Beautiful days tomorrow.  Even cooler for her she is leaving the ‘old folks’ behind, so Bex’s first experience of a festival will be slightly free but hoping sure that our friends will keep a close eye on her!!!

This Summer I have loved reading the ‘Festival’ blog posts and think perhaps I have missed out a wee bit as I confess I have never been to a festival. Even growing up in Bath and being near Glastonbury I know a crime!!! Though perhaps it was the ‘Glastonbury’s’ that put me off festivals, most of my friends used to go and come back very slightly smelly and grubby and the whole loo shower story thing used to put me off.

But now it seems Festivals are all lovely, with bunting and fairy lights well I am going by Melksham Mum rules and they seem like pretty good ones to be honest.

I think Bex’s main worry is having clean hair, dry shampoo is packed as is normal shampoo and a lovely pink trug which I am sure Melksham Mum mentioned too. So Bex will also be taking all that she needs using Melksham Mum’s list and sure she will have loads of fun but no doubt be glad to get home for a shower. Yes I will be glad to have her back too, once she has showered of course ;-)and I am sure it will be another bit of growing up she will have done over a few days away.

Yes I am looking forward to sitting down on Sunday to a roast and crumble and custard with everyone around the table.

Whilst I am about to press publish I am really, really hoping the weather is going to improve!!! Now I need to over organise her things to take like a stressy cool Mum does!!!



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