Baking with Mermaid and OXO products

Baking has swept the U.K by storm this year. Baking products has seen a huge increase in sales and you can see why. Lovely home-baked goodies wafting through the house and the joys of eating and sharing your beautiful and delicious bakes with your friends and family

I certainly seem to have done more baking in the last year. Spurred on by ‘The Great British Bake Off’ as you can see my two were inspired to have a go here. Being gluten-free I tend to bake more because you can make it so much nicer than the over sweet gluten-free goodies on the market. Though gluten-free has its challenges and may not come out quite the same but…

I have had the pleasure of testing out some baking equipment that Ria sent me. I am doing this post now, one if you love baking these could be add’s to your Christmas wish list and two if you have a baking fan in your family then these could be a perfect gift for them too. Of course all of these products will give you many years of use so are investment gifts to yourself too. I will be adding to my investments!!!

My goodies arrived on the Friday before stir up Sunday so just in time to put them to the test for a very important task, the Christmas cake.

Ria had sent me some things made by OXO (no not the cubes…) firstly fall in love with this mixing bowl ( I know loving a mixing bowl but trust me…)

Mmm that picture you can smell Christmas, but back to the bowl. The bottom of the bowl has a coating of black rubber to prevent it from slipping. This is great when mixing and really made a difference. Also fab when the children are using it too. The bowl itself feel such fantastic quality that I know it will last for years.

As you may know OXO make the good grip range which at first thought you may think is for older people but no it just make great sense. All their products come with handles that are ergonomically designed making it comfortable to use, which indeed they are. The measuring spoons come in 6 sizes ranging from 1/8tsp – 1 tbls and all have rubber top for easy grip, which when it comes to baking quite often your hands get slippery so these are perfect. The spatula was the perfect size for the bowl and as you can see scraped virtually all out of the bowl. The 2.8 litre bowl was big enough to take all the ingredients for the cake, which was quite a lot.

So now to try out then cake tin. I was testing out the Mermaid 8″ round cake tin (how did Ria know that was the size I needed!). I already have a Mermaid roasting tea which is a few years old and still as strong as if brand new. I love my roasting tin which is fab too for putting on the hob to make perfect gravy, no granules for me.

All mixed up and ready to go...

I was quite sure before I even baked my cake that this cake tin would do a great job. Indeed it did, really evenly cooked throughout which is one of the things they mention and I can vouch for that. Christmas cake is not the easiest thing to cook evenly so this was a great test. But even better it came out easily being a loose bottomed tin and so cleanly so washing it up was a breeze. Again my previous cake tin would soak for days after cooking the Christmas cake.

Perfect even bake and this is gluten-free too!!

This tin will also be perfect for Cheese Cakes as well. I have a list of other cakes to make in it so you will be seeing some more bakes in the near future.

So as you can see some great products which will really last years of baking. Mermaid have a lifetime guarantee.

The techy bits about the mermaid range is it is made with hard anodised aluminium which helps with the evenly distribution of heat. It never peels or blisters. Oven safe up to 240?C/475?F/Gas Mark 9. Metal utensil safe. Twice as hard as stainless steel. Hand wash only. Prices are 6″ cake tin £20.00, 7″ cake tin £22.99 and 8″ Cake tin £25.99 these are investment tins which will pay you back in years of cakes time and time again.

Mermaid is favoured by some of the top chef including Delia Smith. Check out the Mermaid website for more information.

OXO have a wide range of products so do check out what else they have on offer on their website. The bowl I was sent 2.8 litre is priced at a very good £14.30. The measuring spoons are £5.11 and the spatula is priced at £7.15.

My overall view of these products are for the Mermaid tin a very positive, as said above an investment purchase. One you won’t regret. Value for money again may seem a lot but for what you will get from it, it makes excellent value for money.

The OXO products again fantastic quality. The bowl is exceptional value, again years of use out of that will be had. The measuring spoons very good quality, nice the fact you can just click them on and off the ring that keeps them together. The spatula again fantastic quality, love the easy grip handle excellent when your hands are slippy. I am not sure I would pay £7.15 for a spatula but I can again see it will out live many many of the cheaper versions on the market!!!

For more information and stockist of Mermaid products visit their website here. Or telephone 0121 569 7906.

For more information on OXO products and stockists visit OXO website. Or telephone 0114 290 1455

Would I buy more Mermaid and OXO products again. Undoubtably YES.

I would like to say thank you to Ria for sending me these fantastic products. I absolutely love them and will think of you every time I use them 🙂

This review followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of giving honest praise only when due.

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