Autumn leaves

Autumn Changes, leaves and life

Last weekend one of the shrubs in our garden was just changing colour. By Tuesday it was a vibrant mass of yellow so much so that Oscar when heAutumn leaves came home from school looked out of the window and said “Where did that big yellow bush come from?”

It did look gorgeous and at that point I wanted to do an Autumn post and should have taken a photo. Yesterday I did and as you can see a good 50% of the leaves have fallen off. Today I look out and even more have fallen on the ground, I am now wishing that my choice to make it look neat and tidy to sell the house wasn’t slate. I think I will be under there clearing them up by hand and hoping the local cats haven’t mistaken the slate for a large cat litter!!! I will put on gloves honest.

Autumn this year seems to be muddier than usual. My wellies have hardly been off my feet this year which in turn equals muddy dogs which equals muddy floors so while we seem in more muddy season we have decided to take the house off the market for a while. Of course we will book warm dry weather for next Spring!!! But also despite the joking of the for sale sign and I do apologise to Melksham Mum that I haven’t got around to putting fairy light on it, but mentally that sign wavy pointlessly outside our house is mocking me and just for a bit I want the pleasure of pulling the dam thing out of the ground. That and of course I want to clean my house just for me for a while.

We have had lots of things to think about this year, more bad than good and while we get used to another change in our lives I want to take control of something just for a while. So our home is our home just for the next few months till we decide again what is best and if the market especially in poor Cornwall which seems to have suffered more than most has improved.

So as a reminder to myself that it is not so bad I will leave you with yesterday’s view from my decking. It was a grey day but it does still look beautiful and I guess in that sentence I know I mean more than just that.Autumn view.


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