Aldi February offers

Aldi Treats and gifts for February

Aldi February offers
What a lovely surprise box 🙂

There is something rather lovely about getting a surprise parcel isn’t there? So I was totally thrilled to receive a rather lovely parcel of treats from Aldi with a thank you message.

Bex is now home schooled and having had a rather tough time lately so I let her open the parcel. Really not knowing what was inside, to both our surprise there was goodies we could both share.

Aldi have some rather lovely things in store currently and some of them coming into store later this month. Among them these real leather purses and guess how much? Yep just £4.99, it has got all the bits you need for coins, a little pocket for stamps, places for your cards and notes. Perfect for me as, one my current purse is falling apart and two I am always loosing receipts. Which I am more than a bit cross about as I need to return something, so such a purse will keep me way more organised!!!

It is available in black, tan and brown. I was sent brown which is exactly the colour I would have chosen 🙂

Available from 24th February. Also available from this date are their gorgeous ruffle scarves at £3.99 are a real bargain and March can be chilly. They are pretty enough to add to an evening outfit when the Spring comes too.

In store now are some very pretty bracelets which I just love.  All gifted boxed up and excellent value at just £3.99, with Valentines day this week a good one to drop hints about. Bex and I will be sharing this one 🙂

They also currently have in store now a selection of watches in for men and ladies, so at £7.99 may be a Valentine gift for your loved one.

I was also sent a lovely ‘smoky eye’ make up set but haven’t got the dates or prices for these so pop in store and look out for them. Again really lovely with a clever numbered guide to show you how to get an intense smouldering look.

Finally and always in store we were sent chocolate. There Moser Roth chocolate  available in chilli, mint, orange, milk, caramel and dark which contains 85% cocoa and the others are 70%. We were sent the milk ones which come in a package with 5 individually wrapped bars and are a true bargain at £1.09 for 125g. With a big bonus of being gluten-free too, which is worth knowing is you are gluten-free or you know someone who is.

Of course I shared the chocolate 🙂

Pop to the Aldi website to see all in store special offers where you will find even more great offers.

Thank you Aldi for sending me this lovely surprise package, as usual I am super impressed with the quality and value of the products.

Being sent a surprise parcel, nice as it is has not affected my views and I have followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of giving honest praise only when due.



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