Adding personality to your home

These day’s we are bombarded with images of other people’s home. Scroll through Instagram and you are there in a sea of other people’s homes.

They usually are beautiful, clutter free and a high percent very neutral! Through the vision of just looking at the screen, some of the images remain quite soulless. Whilst others really tell me something about that person.

It is all too easy to get swayed by beautiful rooms. To try and replicate it in your own home, only to realise that is just not you.

I love the room sets at Ikea. I love to embarrass my husband and teens and sit in the room. Flipping through the magazines, pretending to cook. Have random conversations with my family as if I was actually in my own home. Yes, I do embarrass with style! The rooms look great, at the time I would them as my rooms at home. There is just one problem, they are not truly me.

When you are living in a household of others, it also is tricky to have a home that is just your personality. In fact, that would be pretty selfish! But for a home to truly feel a home, having little bits that reflect you around is really important.

Our home as I have mentioned before is going a bit more neutral. For ages, I felt bright zany colours were reflecting me. Alas, this was not true. A neutral canvas is far more me. With the addition of plants, hearts and books this then gives some my personality to the house. For many neutral is just not for them. There are people who just love to sparkle. They love to wear shiny things, have sparkling objects around their home so glitter wallpaper for the bedroom may be one of them.

Some people suit the more deep and darker shades, which match their personality. Going neutral for me and loving it was a bit of a shock. Though I do love greens and the beautiful green on one wall in our living room I find so relaxing. I am always drawn to similar items that would go with this colour. Despite not being a silver person. Silver in here works really well and visually makes me feel really happy.


I think that is one of the most important things. A room must feel good. I think with any ones home if you don’t want to redecorate. It is easy to add your personality to your home. You can gather for your favourite things, re-look at the pictures you have. Check in that they make you feel good and maybe re-arrange them in your home. We often get stuck with items that have sat on the same shelf for ages. They are just there but moving them or re-grouping certain things can really change things up.

After decluttering and re-decorating our ‘middle room’ I have noticed how both Bex and Oscar love to stay in that room so much longer than before. As the name suggests it is a room you walk through to get from the hall to the kitchen. Pretty much a big hall! Even with the wood burner in their that was not enough for people to stay longer. The change in colour, the decluttering and a couple of plants really changed the feel of the room.

Which my husband will be pleased, that I must get decluttering more of the house again and keep in our favourite things to add our personality to our home.

How do you add your personality to your home?


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