Adding an egg to your day

Last weeks fried egg & salad wrap for lunch, yum!
Last weeks fried egg & salad wrap for lunch, yum!

You will rarely come to our house and there not be eggs in the fridge. Most weeks we whizz through about 18 of them. If there is an egg or two then there is a breakfast, lunch or supper to be made!

Of course here they get baked with a lot too, but eggs for breakfast especially for Bex is often had. A simple herb and cheese omelette or scrambled or poached egg on toast give you a great start to the day. Adding an egg on top of your toast will keep you fuller for a lot longer. Not only because you have eaten something extra but as eggs contain protein a message will be sent to your brain that you are full up. Yep protein in meals is really important, as without it the message does not get sent to your brain so you still feel hungry even  if is you are actually full! One of those useful facts we learnt when combating an eating disorder and since then eggs have very much been on our breakfast menu.

I also think starting the day on an egg helps to balance moods too. They are one of life amazing ingredients. With between 55-80 Calories in an Egg depending on size and stuffed to the brim with nutrition. An average egg contains  32% of your RDA vitamin D, 56% RDA vitamin B12, 18% RDA Vitamin B2 to name just a few!

As I said I think they are amazing and so quick to make a meal of what is not to love about eggs?

Here are a few of our favourite Over a Cuppa recipes.

curried rice and eggs
curried rice and eggs

Baked egg nests

Curried rice and eggs

Omelette stuffed with stir fry veg & chilli sauce

Baked Roasted Vegetable Frittata

Egg fried rice with an English twist

Baked Eggs nests
Baked Eggs nests

As you can see they are so versatile. My husband does the best fried eggs too and some times nothing beats egg and chips for a lazy supper!

This time of year, new potatoes, salad and some hard-boiled eggs make for a relaxed supper. Egg mayonnaise is my husbands favourite sandwich filler. I boil eggs and mash them, simply season them with black pepper and stir in some mayonnaise. I make enough for a few days to keep him happy!

Though an egg or two in a cup with soldiers to dip in really can’t be beaten for a simple and comforting light meal or breakfast.

What are your favourite ways to eat eggs or your favourite egg recipe?

You can find out more about making sure you have the best and safest eggs available to you by checking out British Lion Eggs which is full of egg info

Look out for the red lion stamp on your eggs.







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