I am Ali and this is my little space on the internet where my thoughts and idea’s (usually edible ones) are to be found.

I started this blog nearly 5 years ago originally as a business blog, as I had never until that day ventured into the world of blogs! After about a week, I fell in love with having a little space to share things with you and quickly ditched the business blog and Over a Cuppa was born.

Why Over a Cuppa? Well simply here you will find things to read that I would chat with you if you were in my home having a cuppa. As simple as that and I hope when you are here and you are reading that you feel I am chatting to you. Of course drinking tea when you are reading is not an obligatory, it could be wine or gin which seems to be a favourite drink these day’s!

So, about me? How is it so hard to talk about yourself, which funnily enough reflects a big part of me as I am more interested in you than me!

But I am in my mid 40’s if age is relevant but I think not as my brain thinks I am still 25 and my heart tends to mostly agree. The mirror may well not join in but hey you can’t have everything!

I am a proud Mum of two teens, which obviously is amazing as I am only 25! Bex, 16 and Oscar 14, both gorgeous teens inside and out with a huge amount to offer the world!

I am married to Cam, now for 17 years, again an amazing number as I am still 25! We live happily in Wiltshire, after an 11 year stint in North Cornwall. We decided to move back closer to our roots in Bath a couple of years ago.

We also have three dogs which are a big part of our lives and also my love of being outside and taking in the simple things in life which often get missed.

I love to cook and hero home cooking for the family. I have cooked and baked since my teens and love it. For me nothing beats proper food and a meal that you have to pierce the lid for (very occasionally consumed here) to me isn’t a meal at all.

I am all about balance so stress if there is no salad and fruit in the fridge or homemade baked goodies in the cake tin! I cook gluten-free with three out of four of us now not able to tolerate the gluten which seems these days’s to give many of us trouble.

I hope you enjoy your visit