A Smile

A smile what is it worth to you?

I have just come back from a walk with my dogs, I dragged the husband along too and along the way as usual I was waving and saying hi to people as they either walked or drove past. My husband permanently saying who was that then and how do you know them.

It’s funny really I have always been like that, where ever I have lived, that is just the way I am, but don’t think I am some mad person (well I am really!) that just says hi to anyone, it is about a friendly face really and if you smile at someone they usually smile back and isn’t it better to smile?

Though my smiley face has got me in trouble, but we know where we are going with that one, yes any guys out there we may smile that doesn’t mean anything else unless we keep smiling and don’t take our eyes off you.

A real smile is always the best, I am not in to faking of any kind so if I am smiling I am smiling. I know one person who every time he see me comes up and says thank you so much for the smile as it is always a genuine smile, as he is the father of an 80’s pop star who is married to another 80’s pop star no doubt he has seen many a fake smile!

My two children have great smiles and they nearly always reach their eyes so their eyes sparkle and you really feel their smiles.

The photo above was taken years ago, we were on Bodmin Moor we left home where it was warm, but once we got there it was freezing the wind was like ice, despite this my two kept smiling and I love this picture as they both look so happy and free. Although their little mouths and pink cheeks show how cold it was.

So for me a smile is very important whether it is a smile I give, a smile I recieve or a smile in a picture to make me smile back at.

In fact typing this I am smiling in the hope you will smile back 🙂 !!!

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