A smile of achievement

When your children are little you often see these smiles of achievement.  In fact quite often daily. Building a brick tower, fitting a shape through a hole and bigger stuff like taking their first steps.

As they grow up you don’t so often see these smiles, not because they are not achieving things but because maybe they expect more from themselves. Perhaps as adults we do things we should be smiling at and just brush it aside. Or perhaps our ‘You should be really pleased with yourself’ is just not heard , who knows but…

On Friday Bex went horse riding. She has been going to the Saturday club for a while, she loves the horses and made lots of new friends there too. But the thing with the Saturday club is it is a big class so from your 45 minutes class you only get less than 10 minutes proper riding.  It is a bit limited so I booked Bex a private lesson just the half an hour ( horse riding is not cheap).

In that half an hour she learnt more than in months of Saturday club but most importantly she got that smile. The smile I haven’t seen for a long while, that huge deep down, honest, I am pleased with what I done smile. I have done something I wanted to do for a while but something I was scared of doing too, kind a smile. Really that ‘YES’ smile, the smile if she hadn’t been holding onto the reins would have been a massive hands in the air and smile.

I truly loved seeing that smile, the echo of that smile continued through the weekend so far but what that smile had given Bex inside too.

Bex cantered for the first time. It doesn’t matter what gave you that smile, how big or small but what is important is we smile that smile and really we all need to smile it a bit often don’t you think?

So Bex, I loved that smile, you should smile it more often. Oh and Bex if your reading this, it doesn’t mean I need to buy you a horse to see that smile more often, just saying!!!! x

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