A Meningitis reminder

Just over a year ago I typed this post. It was a very sad time and one for me now thinking about it makes me feel as sad. Today I am writing this post just as a reminder that meningitis can strike at anytime to anyone.

When Eloise passed away one thing that striked me as most terrifying was people’s lack of information on it. The number of parents who said my child is immunised to it, they will be okay. The fact is the are many types of meningitis and your child’s immunisation only covers the smallest amount of meningitis. The fact that people thought like that was worrying as when meningitis strikes the quicker you treat it the higher the chances of recovery.

The classic symptoms most of us know, the rash please don’t wait for that as Nicky of Curly and Candid write. So many people link the rash to meningitis and again it is this misinformation that cost lives.

I am not using this post as information on meningitis as I don’t feel qualified to do that. Rosie Scribble who is part of the meningitis blogger forum has written this fantastic post Learning about meningitis could save your child’s life

Please take time to read it, it not always the nicest thing to read about but information when it comes to meningitis is power.

Eloise had been poorly for a few days, on the Monday she was taken very poorly and went to hospital, on the Tuesday she sadly passed away.

For me this is a hard post to write, a post Bex also wanted to me to write and a post in memory of Eloise. A post that hopefully you will go over to Rosie Scribbles and Curly and Candid, both posts that they have written are posts that if we pass on this information could one day save a life.

Thank you for reading.


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