Cornwall Beach

A *cough* Rough guide to holidaying in the U.K

Actually I am staying at home this Summer holiday, of course I live at the moment in Cornwall so, further *coughs*, why would I need to go anywhere else!!! So as this is going to be the holiday destination for a good few  poor lucky people this Summer I thought I would give you my worldly wisdom of making the most of it in the beautiful weather we currently are enjoying!!!


Cornwall Beach
Remember the sun and blue skies

Tip 1: Believe it is a beautiful day. This works wonders, I usually greet my dog walking friends with  “What a lovely morning, isn’t it gorgeous!” this works brilliantly whilst you shield your eyes from the beautiful sun, while your mascara runs in the rain. Yes you get my drift….

Tip 2: Invest in waterproof mascara, see above!

Tip 3: Wellies are your best friends. Yes even go as far as packing two pairs each. I have never seen so many people just turning to wellies for every day wear. Wet feet are no fun so wellies really do become your best friends. Bring flip-flops too, after all you are on holiday!!!

Tip 4: Take your hairdryer. No this isn’t to make your hair look gorgeous this is to dry out your clothes. You may think you have coats but this rain is known to even soak through the best of coats. Even at home I have had to dry coats out with the hairdryer and the odd trainer too!!! The smell is wonderful so enjoy!!!

Tip 5: Don’t let it stop you enjoying the outdoors. Invest in wetsuits for every day wear, this will look particularly gorgeous with the wellies but will save on using tip 4 too many times. It also has the advantage that if needed you can pee in them if the public toilets are too full of people sheltering from the rain.

Tip 6: Set aside a large part of your budget for tea, hot chocolate and cakes. Sitting in tea shops and cafe’s is a nice pass time but beware they may be busy. Raindrops races are also good to have, so try to grab a window seat!!!

Tip 7: Your skin is waterproof, if all else fails go naked and just pack lots of towels.

and finally

Tip 8: Wear a smile because we are British 🙂 and if that fails quack like a duck!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my rough guide to holidaying in the U.K as much as I enjoyed sharing it x

Please Note: This is a tongue in check guide to Holidaying in the U.K. I do not want to hear of incidents of naked people or peeing in wetsuits on the high street. Thank you 😉


Extra note: The met office have now announced that the weather MAY be improving by next week!!! With this in mind please follow the above advice but also take extra precautions of suncream and sunnies. Wear when appropriate 🙂

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